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Lunch at a street cafe

One of the things that makes the long days, short nights, and a heavy workload palatable when on the road is the company.  When you have a really good client, anything is doable.

Today Eric N. and I got to sneak away for a quick 30 min outdoor lunch.  (just enough time for Eric to discuss his plans for world domination…)


Last week after we wrapped up the first week with Corning, I split town to try to take (in my mind) some well deserved vacation.  My dad and I took the motorbikes and headed out to the Oshkosh Airshow to veg on airplanes for a week.

I guess after the intense week at Corning and then rolling west from Boston, all the blog responsibility was driven from my mind.  It’s hard sometimes to keep up with the blog, but I’ve realized that I never ended up finishing the story on the Corning Job

I can’t really talk about what we were shooting as the images have not been vetted yet by the client, so here’s the fun stuff…

I met Chris in Kentucky where we shot (in the blistering heat) in a manufacturing pant for two days.  The days were challenging due to tons of technical limitations in the plant, but we made some really great images.

In KY, we went to a restaurant that was owned by some country singer.  I was assured that the guy was famous, but none of us had ever heard of him… The only good thing about the experience was the steaks.  Pretty damn good.  Six of us went to dinner, and six steaks went into our respective bellies.  The only casualty was Chris.  We lost a good man that day…

Chris - B.S. (befor steak)

Chris - A.S. (after steak)

From KY, we flew to Elmira to the Corning HQ where we spent two days shooting in the studio.

To do this, we brought an entire studio set-up including a full size light table on location.  For us, Corning has been a fantastic client.  This is primarily because the images we are tasked with shooting run the full gamut from portraiture, to manufacturing, to lab, to microscopy, to product, to light table.  We get to do it all.

location studio set (image from last year)

We finished up just around 5pm on Friday, loaded the truck, and headed east.  After a classic wrong turn (wasting an hour of precious drive time) we finally made it home past midnight.

To see some past images we have made for Corning whilst on location, click here:

click to view past Corning location images

All in all, it was a great week.





This has been a logistically complicated weekend, but it seems to be working out just fine. Today is the first day of a 12 day location shoot for our long time client, Corning Inc.

There was a lot of planning involved, but basically in a nutshell, long time assistant CB Kearney headed out of the studio yesterday morning and drove the work truck with the studio gear out to Elmira NY. He spent the night there, and then jumped on a flight from Elmira, through Detroit, to Lexington KY.

I left from Down East ME on the motorbike to Logan where I am sitting now waiting to catch a flight to Lexington.

Although US Air is my least favorite airline, they fly out of Terminal B here in Logan, which means I get to start another adventure bar side at Legal Seafood at the end of the Terminal.

Cesear and chowda is a long time tradition on the cusp of a road trip, and Im pumped to be carrying on the tradition.  It’s just a bummer that CB is in Kentucky ahead of me and not here enjoying a crisp IPA and a bowl of Legal’s famous chowder.

Wish us luck!

From time to time we like to post what the hell we are eating out on the road.  Often times, the weirder, the better.

Breakfast started of fairly normal with a typical buffet that you might find in any hotel around the world (noting the slight local flavor.)  Eggs, meat, potatoes, custard, tofu, rice, etc… We skipped lunch, and then pretty much skipped dinner due to a hectic schedule humping around the city.  If I had to guess, we probably walked 12 miles when all was said and done.  Poor Rabbit is beat.

At any rate, now back at the hotel, we are famished, and everything is closed.  Fortunately there is a 7-11 down in our lobby where one can find all sorts of savory dishes.

Thought you might get a kick out of our cuisine…

The "Squid Pop"

Not sure why the “Squid Pop” never caught on in the US.  It’s just so darn delicious.

If you have spent any time in Madrid, you will recognize this scene.  I’m a big meat eater, and if you’ve followed our work for any length of time, you will most likely have seen the “Roadkill” images we shoot… But this (even for me) is a bit much.  The hoof, on the sidewalk?  Really?

They might as well change their name to Ham-drid, because just about every door you walk by in this city has a severed leg somewhere on its premises.

I have to admit, as much as I am taken aback, it sure is damn good.   I think over the past week, Rabbit and I must have consumed over 15lbs of cured pig.

It’s one of the things that I am going to miss when I get on that plane and fly home.

mmmmmm.... chicken fried steak!

I must have some kind of mental sickness.  It seems like as soon as I get on an airplane I go through some kind of portal to an alternate universe.  Or at least I think thats what I tell my stomach.  In this universe I  believe that I can eat anything and no harm can come.  Everything is healthy,  everything is free range, organic, non-GMO, and generally pure as the driven slush.

I guess I should have stayed home, cuz we are out on the road, and now im regretting it.  I am writing this as a warning to all of you who are in the same boat….  Chicken Fried Steak is not really chicken.  Ask yourself this:  “Is this heavenly goodness really worth the price of success?”  “Is this all there is to being a location photographer?”

Post script:  I experienced this tasty delight twice.

Another Burger at In and Out

Anyone who has been following our blog has seen our posts on road-food.  (check the road food tab for some laughs…) Both Rabbit and I try to be as healthy as possible whilst traveling, and both of us have definitely given up fast food… but there is definitely one weakness we both have, and that is for a burger at In and Out.

4x4 - One burger... Four patties!

No matter what the job, if we find ourselves in AZ, CA, NV, or UT, we follow the same rules.  Land – In and Out – T Shirts for crew and clients alike.

True to form, this past west coast trip was no exception.  We both got a little fatter, and both have new digs….

By the way… If your a fan, you can get your own T-shirt here: Company Store

And if you want to be a pig like Rabbit and eat four patties on one bun (The 4×4) check it here: Secret Menu

Buffalo Burger - Sedona

Buffalo burger, Sedona AZ

Rabbit and I have been working together now for quite some time.  During most of this time, whenever we are out, he makes an attempt to eat as healthy as possible.  He often has used the words “vegetarian,” insisting that he was pretty strict with his diet.

In N Out 4x4 (that's FOUR patties of beef)

In N' Out Burger's 4x4 (That's FOUR patties of beef friends)

Perhaps its the economy, perhaps its the stars.  Regardless of the inspiration, I think times are changing.

Here are some quick photos from our recent trip out west.  I will let you decide……

Bacon Cheeseburger, Springerville AZ

Bacon cheeseburger folks

Rabbit loving the train station...

Rabbit loving the train station...

This month I was asked to be a guest lecturer down in Washington at the D.C. Shootoff, so last thurs night Rabbit and I headed on down.

We would normally fly down to D.C. from Boston, but because we had to shoot till late on Thursday, and we had to be back in Boston early Sat morning, the only transportation we could get was the red-eye Amtrak.


I actually like taking Amtrak, but that’s to NYC.  (and that’s the hi speed train called the Acela.)  Unfortunately, the only train that was running that late at night was the Regional, which takes 10 hours.  I figured, what the hell… it was better than driving, so we grabbed some tickets.

Can you tell I rode a train all night long....?

Can you tell I rode a train all night long....?

So here was our travel plan:  Depart Boston at 10pm, train all night long, arrive at 07:00, subway to the Navy League Building, hang all day, give our presentation, subway back to the Amtrak station, 10pm departure back to Boston, 07:30 arrival, at our location on Sat at 09:00.  (yes, we are insane…)

Train food....

Train food....

The train proved to be quite pleasant.  We brought some beer and some sandwiches, and were able to have a relaxing time.  I was also able to get a ton of work done on the computer which was nice.  (I also was able to get some solid zzzz’s thanks to Ambien.)

Once in D.C., we grabbed the subway right to our location.  I will post tomorrow about the day, so stay tuned.

D.C. Metro Station...

D.C. Metro Station...

Mmmmmm.... fish heads....

Mmmmmm…. fish heads….

Rabbit has to be one of the bravest eaters I know.  One of my favorite parts of traveling with him on location is meal time in a distant land.

Rabbit loved the food down in the DR (as did I.)  One the second day, we had some AMAZING fresh fish.  Rabbit devoured every scrap he was given, and when there was none left, and he was still hugry, we dared him to go ahead and try an eyeball.

I will just say this…. I almost puked.

Not really photo-related… But it is the weekend! Happy Valentines day!

shot with my iPhone...

Be creative today...


Rabbit dropped me off at the airport yesterday for a solo mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina and another long ass plane ride!

Traveling is getting both harder, AND easier.  Especially when traveling alone!  Weight constraints are much tougher, the bags you can carry on are smaller, and there are no more peanuts.

That being said, every once and a while though you do find a stress reliever here and there.  This was a small deal, but a good one.  KUDOS to Boston Logan for providing a powered set of seats!  Keep it up!


Anyway… Uneventful flight from Boston to JFK, a 3 hour layover and then on another jet to B.A.

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Got your shirts Aaron!

Got your shirts Aaron!

Tradition has always been an important part of life to me.  Not really sure why, but I assume it most likely has to do with the fact that I was born in New England.

Anyway, we finished our shoot in Anaheim at the NAMM show for Catapult, and simply had to make our way over to In-N-Out Burger for lunch.


True to form, Richard and I ordered our Double Double’s and as tradition requires, we picked up T-Shirts for our clients over at Catapult.

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As I have said before, we love to eat different foods when on the road.

If you ever get the chance to travel through California, Nevada, or Arizona, you MUST hit IN-N-OUT Burger! It is positively our favorite! Whenever we shoot out here in the west, we will NOT pass it up.

In fact, we have a tradition. Whenever we are anywhere near an IN and OUT, we make it a priority. Everyone gets a burger, and everyone in the crew walks away with one of their kick ass T-Shirt. It has always been my clients favorite stop after great shoot!

Double Double with cheese please!

Ahh the road… So much good road foor…… Rich insisted on stopping for a snack.

Any food that looks like poo must taste good.... Right?

Any food that looks like poo must taste good.... Right?

And what would go great with this tasty snack.  What would be the perfect match?

Rich cant contain himself...

Rich cant contain himself...

Yes you guessed it.  More beer with clam juice!

And this is what happens to you when you eat and drink these things….  (you vomit)



Well its Raytheon time again, and that most likely means a Europe trip… I was all excited until I hit this iPhone photo from last year taken when we were out to dinner at Rules.

Rules (est. in 1798) is the oldest restaurant in London and has one of the most unique menus in the city. A huge selection of their food comes from their own private estate, including Roe Deer, Belted Galloway beef, and wild duck.

I ordered the Roast Saddle of Hare, and Richard had the Crown of Hen Phesant. (this dish included the feet, and claws)

(has to be them most disgusting iPhone memory from last season) Who knows what this year will bring!!!


Out on the road again and boy am I a dumb ass!  For the life of me I couldn’t find my wallet ANYWHERE!  So of course, I have no license, no credit cards, no ATM, nothing!  Thank God for the little bit of cash in my glove box, my passport (for the TSA) and for Richard and his American Express.  Looks like I will owe Richard big AGAIN!


No License Larry... Dumbass traveling state to state with his passport

No License Larry... Dumbass traveling state to state with his passport

Anyway… as to be expected in the life of a traveling fool, our flight was of course delayed due to weather (over 2 hrs) which gave us a bit of time for a well deserved meal.  Of course, out came the camera, and we played around with using napkins as small soft boxes in front of the on-camera flash on the D700.  (notice the shadow line on the table)

Dinner was pretty good for airport food.   Rich had a burger, and I ravioli.

Flight delay fun

Flight delay fun


Of course the strangest part of our journey today had to be our arrival to the Holiday Inn Express, and Richards room.  For whatever reason, there just happens to be a whirlpool tub smack dab in the center of the room.  It feels like there have been several short films shot here.  (and not the PG13 kind if you catch my drift…) Dont ask us…. We just work here.



Just wanted to share…

One of the best parts of our job is the travel.  And one of the best parts of traveling, is going to distant lands and trying strange foods.

This one however was right here is our own wonderful country.  (we found this refreshing beverage after a shoot in upper Wisconsin.)

Yes, there is nothing like enjoying this tasty treat after a hard days work.  Mmmmm.  Beer and clam juice!  Ahhhhh.



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