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In celebration of their 20th year in biz, we produced a short film to for KOR’s “KOR Turns 20” micro-site.

Film was shot on location in their studio during one day and cut together with an original score.  The majority of the film was shot on the Sony F3 Super 35





We got lots of cool holiday cards this year, but I thought I’d share of of the cooler ones.

KOR here in Boston has always sent out fun stuff around the holidays, but this year they are celebrating their 20th year in biz, and on that theme, sent a “time” oriented card.   The card was sent flat, and when unfolded turned into a funky desk clock.  Even had a battery!

Just wanted to take a second to recognize the work of James Grady during the winter break.

We first met James when he was a sr. designer at KOR group. Last fall, James left KOR to start a new life as a graduate student at RISD. During his January and February break, James worked in our studio as a graduate intern going above and beyond his requirement from RISD by spending over 300 hours in the editing suite.

During his stay, he not only worked as a photo assistant, but produced, help shoot, and fully post produced a series of Pro Bono films we did for the Wilderness Medical Associates in Portland Maine. In his short tenure, James surpassed our expectations by quickly mastering Final Cut Pro and creating a film series that wowed the client.

James brought a great energy into the studio which will be missed. Good luck with the rest of your journey. I know you will continue to kick ass! We hope to work with you again!

Since we are on the Holy Cross theme, I thought I’d share one of the films we did during the campaign.

The first film is called the “Virtual Tour” and was shot for the College of the Holy Cross on location at their campus in Worcester MA.  The intent was to present the look/feel of the school using an unconventional approach.  The film takes random student interviews captured over the course of one day and inter-cuts them with “B” roll of the campus and student life.

What’s important to notice with respect to the film work we did for HC is the synergy between the print work, the web, and the cinema.  If you look at the prior post where I show some of the printed material, you will see the cover of one of the mailers.  This photo, the photo of the front gate is the exact image that we see in the beginning of the Virtual Tour (its the default thumbnail on the Vimeo clip.)  This happens again and again in the film.  The aerial footage, shots of the campus, shots of the students, etc…

Before the convergence of shallow depth of field video, we could not pull this off.  Video always had that “video” look… But not anymore.  This is the fundamental reason that I am now so inspired with film making again.  For the first time since I left film school, I can now make a video frame look exactly as I see it in my head… And the best part is, I can make an amazing still image to boot!

Greg and MB from KOR Group

BTW… The interviews were shot using Sony Z7U’s, and the “B” roll was shot on the Nikon D3s, as well as some Z7U’s.

Last spring I began a really cool job with KOR.  The client was Holy Cross, and the scope was enormous!  The job was of course photography, but it also spanned three audio programs as well as four films.

We spent around 10 days on campus netting thousands of still images, lots of camera crane work, hours of time-lapse video, photo flights and enough video footage to fill one of the RAID’s.

I feel tremendously lucky to have gotten a chance to work with both KOR and Holy Cross, not only because we were able to have the creative freedom to impress the client, but have been pleasantly surprised by the widespread acclaim the work has netted.

Last month we found out that the work had earned a gold award at the CASE District I show for the view-book, and silver award for the entire suite of admissions publications.  Very cool news….

Today, I got an eMail from KOR letting me know that we also were awarded a merit (I guess this means “runner-up”) for the Holy Cross website, and a gold for the total recruitment package.

I am really proud of the work, and am overjoyed that the entire team was recognized by the effort.

Thanks to all those involved for helping put this project together!    (…especially to James Grady for putting up the photo of the work on the KOR blog for me to pilfer)

Fun day today… We are finally getting a chance to work with out friend Jim Gibson from kor group (lowercase, not a typo.)

Jim had been with kor for 13+ years and is a great designer! We started shooting today at 05:00 and got some great early AM stills as well as time lapse HD.


We had a great new business meeting this week with our colleges over at Kor Group here in Boston.  We have been exploring a relationship between our two companies with respect to the photography and video, and have found a project that might really be able to showcase both.


We spent the two hour meeting flushing out concepts, and listening to the exact need of their client.  The job will entail lots of photography as well as several film modules.  The end result will be print and web.


What makes it so appealing to work with a firm like Kor is their drive to work with creative people.  Every time we go over to their office, there is always such great energy and a positive vibe.  It is contagious.

The project sounds like a really exciting campaign, and we are very excited to get started!

Stay tuned for more developments…..


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