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Got your shirts Aaron!

Got your shirts Aaron!

Tradition has always been an important part of life to me.  Not really sure why, but I assume it most likely has to do with the fact that I was born in New England.

Anyway, we finished our shoot in Anaheim at the NAMM show for Catapult, and simply had to make our way over to In-N-Out Burger for lunch.


True to form, Richard and I ordered our Double Double’s and as tradition requires, we picked up T-Shirts for our clients over at Catapult.

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Layover in Las Vegas

Layover in Las Vegas

Well, Rabbit and I are back out on the road again.

Yesterday we made our way via Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  We escaped just in time I may say as they just got blasted with a crazy Arctic freeze.

Goodbye winter... for now

Goodbye winter… for now

Anyway,  we have a couple of very busy days here in the City of Angles.  First, we are shooting photos and video for our old friend Aaron Haesaert again at Catapult Thinking at the NAMM show from 6am till 11-ish, then we scoot across town to have a meeting for a job we are doing in February, and then we head north to shoot a portrait for another client.

Greg's personals...

Greg’s personals…

Richards personals...

Our personals…

We started the day as usual in the studio cramming all of our gear into ever smaller and smaller packages.

This trip, Richard and I decided to see just how light we could travel.  We actually got it down to just two carry-on’s each.  The funny part about this is that most all off it was gear.  For personal items, I packed an extra shirt, pair of socks, underwear, toothbrush and tooth paste.

Richard however got the award with just bringing a toothbrush, 1 pr of socks, and 1 pr of underwear.

Not bad for 3 days and 2 nights on the road eh?  I think most folks think we are a little nuts about traveling light, but it sure makes it easier.

All the gear/personals (tripod case is in the car)

All the gear/personals (tripod case is in the car)

Here is the breakdown:  in four small bags, we have:  The DSLR Pelican case, 1 lap top, 2 HDV cameras, video tripod/still tripod, all audio gear,  and our meager clothing….  Very amusing!

The day began with a meeting at Catapult with Aaron to go over the details of his shoot.

Aaron and Greg

Aaron and Greg

From there, it was Logan, and the US NightmAIRe.


Rabbit trying to mind meld with his seat mate...

Rabbit trying to mind meld with his seat mate…

The Boston to Las Vegas flight seemed to take forever.  We had a short layover (Rabbit more than doubled his money on the slots… $1.00 into $2.50) then off to LA.  The flight took off early, but we sat for 30 min on the tarmac waiting for a gate.


Got the Hertz car (we love Hertz,) and then off to Anaheim where we landed in our skeevy Travel Lodge.

The best part about my room was the black light hard mounted to the wall.  I called Rabbit in to investigate because the entire thing was beyond me.  It wasn’t until he shut off all the lights that he explained it was to view the glow-in-the-dark galaxy floating over my head.

Every hotel room should have a wall mounted black light...

Every hotel room should have a wall mounted black light…


I will not comment further on this phenomenon other than to post a warning to other travelers regarding this particular hotel.

Regardless…. we are now off to shoot some sunrise time lapse.  Wish us luck!

Friend and Weymouth Designer Robert Krivicich

Friend and Weymouth Designer Robert Krivicich

Well I finally got Robert (above) from Weymouth Design out of the office and out on the water!!!

We snuck away from our respective Macintosh’s and headed north to Joppa Flats at the mouth of the Merrimack. I wish I could say I caught the larger fish, but alas, Robert is the better Angler and kicked my ass on both the fish count, and the size contest.

Robert is an amazing designer. This September, he and I will have been working together for nine years. We have worked on some interesting projects together.

My absolute favorite shot for Weymouth Design has to have been the Annual Report for US Shipping (as seen in the “campaign” section of the web site.) Robert was the creative director, and Aaron Haesaert (now at Catapult Thinking) was the designer. We agreed to shoot the job with Fuji Velvia film, and use a lot of panoramics. We shot that job with the Nikon F5 as well as both the Widelux and the Hasselblad X-Pan.

Another helicopter shot

This is one of my favorite shots from the job. We were just off the surface of the ocean, 20 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico standing on the skid of a Jet Ranger. Talk about a fun job! These are my favorites, and I am always thankful to get the opportunity to make these pictures.

Here are some other of my favorites from that Annual Report:

Portrait of the Captain

Portrait of the Captain

AB Portrait


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