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It’s time to expand the cinema side of our studio again.  We have been fortunate and have been doubling that side of the biz each year for the past three years, and now its time to expand once more.

We are going to be looking for a senior as well as junior editor as well as be filling our spring term internship.  Job will be more than demanding, but there will most likely be world wide travel. Salary will be competitive with benefits.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, have them give a shout.  I will be posting the listing here first.


Just want to take a second and say goodbye to our fall intern Ryan.  After 4 long and hard 200+hr months, we can surely say we are going to miss him.

Ryan primarily spent his time working the box learning Adobe Premiere, and for the past 5 weeks, has been working on an epic Alaska road film we are cutting (look for it in the spring.)

We wish you the best on your journey!  Thanks for the hard work.

I just realized that we have not yet written a post on our fall intern MC Ryan… (sorry Ryan)  It’s not cuz we dont luv ya…

I really should take a sec and introduce the mac-daddy Mr. Ryan G.  This is his 5th week here with us and we have covered a ton of ground.  Ryan is a graduate of the Temple Film & Media Arts program and has brought a unique set of experiences to “bear.”

Over his five weeks, we have gotten him up to speed working with Premiere, let him get his hands on the Sony F3 Super 35, and given him a chance to write some music for some blog films.

Right now, Ryan is midway into a cut of a film project we are working on called “Alaska GSA” which is slotted to be finished before Thanksgiving.

I consider our intern program an important part of our company and are starting to think about our winter internship slot.  This will begin in early Jan just after the winter break.  This internship will also be weighted towards post production, but will also combine a bunch of pre-production work for a summer feature we are shooting (more on that later…)

If you, or anyone you know might be interested in the opportunity, stay tuned to the blog.  Calls for applicants will go out in mid December.




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