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Yeah technology is great and all that, but the speed at which it is moving can be just too much.  Back when I started assisting, it was common for the photographer to still be shooting with the same Hasselblad he/she started their professional career with.  Try to do that with a piece of equipment these days and it’s just a laugh.  If we get 12-18 months out of a camera we are doing pretty good… But I guess thats just the way it is now-a-days.
Anyway… Saw this the other day (not the Sizzalean ad) and was pretty blown away.  It took a while to fully commit to a 4k back end, but it looks like its going to be time to toss the computers and upgrade yet again.

Behold, 10k.

We’ve been on the road much of Feb shooting photography, but finally had some time to get back in the editing room and finish another film in our Investigator Profiles for MIT RLE.

This one is probably one of my favorites so far.  This Investigator deals with mostly theory, so the big challenge for us was how to illustrate thought.   To do this, we used a bunch of time lapse and motion graphic work.  It was a lot of fun to work with the scientists on the shot where their mathematical computations appear in thin air and then float into the ether.

We also continued our tradition of creating a custom music track for the film.  I hope you enjoy!

[vimeo w=500]

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the number 33 in front of this “Behind the Scenes,” but this is our 33rd in the series.  It’s pretty cool and talks about how we shot time lapse footage whiles on location in Madrid.



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