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I have been asked to give another talk at Rule Boston Camera’s Learning Lab and I am totally pumped.  This Sept 19th, I will be giving a presentation about the use of the blog and behind-the-scene videos in the photo/film biz.

To catch my last talk, click here:

If you are in the city then, make sure to stop by.


I got a really cool call from SONY the other day. SONY has asked me to help promote some of their cameras, specifically their SONY F3 Super 35 at a Learning Lab event at Rule Boston Camera.   I had done one lecture previously at Rule, and had a great experience, so it was easy to say yes.

I’m very flattered at the invitation, and excited for the day.  If you are around on the 28th, stop by and check it out.  It should be a fun event.

In June I was asked to give a lecture at Rule Boston Camera on the transition from stills to film (cinema.)  This is a long lecture, but I think there are some good salient points.  If you are interested, here is the link.

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I guess I should have posted a bit earlier about this…  But, about three weeks ago I got an eMail from Lisa over at Rule Boston Camera asking me if I would be interested in giving a lecture at their Learning Lab speaking to the transition from stills to film.  It took about a nanosecond for me to reply… of course!

I am deeply honored to be asked, and am very much looking forward to the experience.  SO… If you are around tomorrow, I will be giving a lecture at 10am tomorrow over at Rule.  If you miss it, I will post a link to where you can catch the lecture on Vimeo.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

We cut this over the weekend. Thought we’d share…

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A big thanks to Rule!

Last night, Rule Boston Camera put on their first Pub Night (pizza, beer, and learnin…) where they had some pretty cool folks from Sony come by and give us the in-depth skinny on the new Sony F3 Super35.

We got a chance to meet Joe Schimizzi who was on the F3 team.  Joe had lots of nuggets to share.  We certainly appreciate him coming up.

Rabbit gets excited (...over beer)

For more info on the new Sony F3, click HERE.

To sign up for future events at Rule, eMail

We picked up a new camera in the beginning of April, and it’s NUTS!

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