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Been working on a biotech film the past two weeks or so… Just finishing up some ANR work in the sound booth today to wrap it all up.  Thanks Liam!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.32.40 PM

[vimeo w=500]

In celebration of their 20th year in biz, we produced a short film to for KOR’s “KOR Turns 20” micro-site.

Film was shot on location in their studio during one day and cut together with an original score.  The majority of the film was shot on the Sony F3 Super 35



Here is a film we shot for Blue Cross.

Client: Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan. Agency: PARTNERS+simons.  The film was shot on location in MI using the Sony F3 Super 35 and FS100.

New Kestrel website

Earlier this summer we got the fantastic opportunity to work with Kestrel Aircraft and LEAP on the creation of some film assets for the launch of a new website and 2012 EAA Airventure Airshow.

Our component was the interview with Alan Klapmeier as well as associated “B” roll up at their new facility at the Brunswick Executive Airport in Brunswick Maine.  As I mentioned in a prior post, Alan Klapmeirer was one of the founders of the Cirrus Aircraft, and a tremendous innovator in the aviation industry.

To see how we shot Alan’s interview, click here:

Alan Klapmeier, CEO Kestrel Aircraft


Chris and I headed down to Washington D.C. Today for the day.

Since we just have one film interview, we are traving light and carrying only the bare essentials. This includes the pre-built camera (hand carry,) lens case (also stuffed with batteries and audio gear,) and a tripod bag.

On tap for today: 3am call at the studio, 6am flight to BWI, 4pm interview, 9pm return, and a whole lot of Smithsonian in between…

Well the 4th of July vacation is over and it’s time to get back to work.  Today we begin a string of video jobs for a couple of local bio-tech companies with a location video interview.

It goes without saying, but one of the most important things to do is make sure you don’t forget any gear back in the studio.  This is especially true after you have been unplugged for a couple of weeks.

Although it may seem silly, one of the best ways to do this is with a pictogram.  You quickly draw out the set with every piece of equipment you will need.  It’s a good way to double check you have everything you need lined up at the loading dock before you load the truck.

On the black board, I have drawn the cameras, video monitor, matte boxes, rails, batteries, camera cart, 5 stands, two tripods, lights, flags, wireless microphones, shotgun and boom mic, and seamless paper.

Sure, there are some little odds and ends that don’t make it to the board, but it is a good broad brush technique to keep you on track.

Here is our latest Behind the Scenes film.  The job was to create 10 “How To” films for WMA or Wilderness Medical Associates.  We shot all the footage in a sound studio up in Portland, ME in one very long day.


Here is a behind the scenes film we shot whilst on location during the Fullbridge Business Communication Workshop talking about the new Sony PMW-F3 Super 35.

Here is a film we really had a blast making.

The film is promo for Jim Hyde’s RawHyde Adventure.  It is one of the few BMW Off-Road Academies in the world.  We spent three days on the ground shooting at the school and had an insane time.  If you are into motorcycles, this place is a MUST!

I was able to go thru his school, and can not believe how much I learned.  It really changed my riding for ever.

A thousand thanks to the guys out at RawHyde.  It was great working with you on this project!

When I went thru a class... (the goof in yellow)

Just posted this.  If you know of anyone interested, have them give a shout…


WANTED: Senior Video Editor

Commercial photography/film production company looking to hire a dynamic senior video editor.

Understanding of story telling a must! J. Campbell, V. Propp etc… This is an intense work environment working under a demanding creative director striving for excellence. Work days are 10hrs, 5 days/wk min.  US/world travel a possibility.

Ideal candidate shall have at least 2-5 yrs experience working in a non-linear environment and solid expertise with Adobe Creative Suite. Motion graphic work key. Our shop is now exclusively operating in Premier so expertise is important, but not necessarily a deal breaker. We would consider training the right candidate. Candidate must be expert in Mac and technically savvy.

Ideal candidate will be well read in the humanities and will have a strong design background. Project management important. Knowledge of music theory a plus.

Candidate must be self motivated, mature, self reliant, independent, trustworthy, and creative. We are looking for a creative person to bring something new to the studio, rather than fit an exact need.

Competitive salary with full healthcare, 401k matching, and profit sharing.

Please eMail cover letter, salary requirements, link to demo reel, and any other art samples.

We’ve been on the road much of Feb shooting photography, but finally had some time to get back in the editing room and finish another film in our Investigator Profiles for MIT RLE.

This one is probably one of my favorites so far.  This Investigator deals with mostly theory, so the big challenge for us was how to illustrate thought.   To do this, we used a bunch of time lapse and motion graphic work.  It was a lot of fun to work with the scientists on the shot where their mathematical computations appear in thin air and then float into the ether.

We also continued our tradition of creating a custom music track for the film.  I hope you enjoy!

Another film we won an AVA award for was the proof of concept we shot and then cut together for Fullbridge after a photo/video trip to Korea.

The crazy thing about this film was that it was shot in only four days of filming.  Out of those four days, two were interview days, and on top of that, it was constantly raining with only about 3 hours of sun.  We really had to hustle in order to get enough “B” roll footage.

This film was awarded a platinum for cinematography.

All well in Madrid.  First day of shooting (12hrs straight) went great. Great client, great subject matter, great food… What could be better?

Sitting in the hotel room downloading data… just thought I would take a sec and talk a little about some of our films that we were lucky enough to be recognized for in the AVA awards on Friday.

The first film I want to show again was probably my favorite of 2011.  The film, called “PUSH,” was shot on location in Wampatuck State Park with the sole purpose of experimenting with the slow/quick technology in the new Sony F3 Super 35.  The film includes our very own Rabbit, and our summer intern Scott Wesson.  (thanks guys!)

The itteration I submitted to AVA was sans the “behind the scenes” component, however it probably does a bit more good to have the first part of the film included as it talks about what exactly we were doing.

Hope you enjoy!

Just got some good news…

Last night the AVA awards were announced.  When our friend and colleague Tim Llewellyn texted a “congratulations on the award,” I was a bit confused.

We had submitted some of our work on Tim’s urging, but never expected to win anything.

I was totally surprised when I logged on and found that we had won 7 Platinum, and 4 gold awards.  I will try to rep-post some of the films this week.

We are off to Spain today for a week of shooting, so look for some road posts.  Thanks to all those involved with the production of the winning films!  (you know who you are!)


[vimeo w=500]

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the number 33 in front of this “Behind the Scenes,” but this is our 33rd in the series.  It’s pretty cool and talks about how we shot time lapse footage whiles on location in Madrid.


If you’ve followed this blog, you know we love to do our annual holiday film.  This year is no different!  From all of us, to all of you…  We hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Just finished the latest Investigator Profile for MIT RLE.  This film was cut for MIT RLE using interview and “B” roll footage left over from the Carl Zeiss Research Award film we did for a PR firm in Germany in conjunction with the The Carl Zeiss Company.

We have been testing the Atlas 30 from Cinevate.  It has turned out to be a very cool bit of kit and has made it onto the set of most of the film work we have been doing as of late.

Here is a short “Behind the Scenes” on the rig, as well as some of the footage shot whilst on the origional job we used it on.

We were contacted by a PR firm in Germany to help them with a unique event.

The Carl Zeiss Research Award is given every two years for special achievements in the field of glass research.  This award is often the precursor to the Nobel Prize.

As we have a close relationship with the Research Lab of Electronics where Professor Fujimoto (this years recipient) is affiliated, we were a natural partner in order to create a film to be screened at the award ceremony.

This opportunity was a win win for RLE as we would then be able to use any additional footage shot to create an “Investigator Profile” for Jim.

Stay tuned for that film…

We just delivered what I consider to be our best Work N’ Gear film yet!  Sometime last year, Anthony Modano (the AD over at WNG) came to us with this very cool idea.

He wanted to create a series of shorts that featured the Work N’ Gear customer using the theme “Driven.”  We had some prelim meetings, did a proof of concept, and the series was born.

This film, “Driven – Jim Weston,” gives us a quick look into the life and passion of woodworker and drummer Jim Weston.

The film is the first in a series of five that will be completed over the next year.

Work N Gear has been a great client over the years with the work ranging from product and model photography to some really cool film projects.

We are very thankful for the on-going opportunity to push the envelope with them, as well as work with some inspiring Art Directors.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the past “behind the scenes” with Work N’ Gear, here are a few of the films


Just delivered a new film for the M+Vision project in Madrid.  Pretty cool indeed.

We are scheduled to go back to begin another film next week, and are pumped to be back in Madrid!

If you are viewing this post in an RSS feed and want to watch the film, click HERE:

Seems like we have been shooting and editing non-stop for the past two years.  Just cranking these films out one after another…  We are so fortunate to be able to keep cranking along with this “Investigator Profile” series.

Anyway… here is the latest iteration focusing on Al Oppenheim.  Al is a fellow pilot, and a really interesting guy.  His lab was exclusively theory, which is always a bit difficult to illustrate on film.

If you have been following our posts, you will have read that Final Cut Pro is dead… This film is the first film of ours cut exclusively with Premier.   So far, we are loving it.  I will try to write a post on the experience when I get a free second…


Back out on the road…  Rabbit and I are heading down to NYC for a one day film shoot tomorrow and it’s gonna be a super-slog.

We are shooting 15 interviews tomorrow at a prestigious law firm and the client is determined to get as much shot as is humanly possible.

The hours are long, but thankfully, the logistics are easy.  We are taking the Acela (which just opened back up after the hurricane thank God) and get in around 8pm.

If you haven’t had the experience of riding the Acela up or down the Bos-Wash corridor, it is pretty damn cool.  Actually, it’s more than cool, it’s the absolute BEST way to travel to NY or DC.  Every aspect of this experience is beyond pleasant.

Amtrak’s Southbound Acela

We left the studio and had a paltry 15 min drive to the station.  We parked courtesy of Easypass, and sauntered effortlessly on with TONS of gear with no bag fees and no security lines.

Once in our seats, we grabbed a cold cocktail, opened our laptops, and slid onto the web via Amtrak’s free wireless.  Best part of it all… we will be in Penn Station in 3hrs.  A quick 2 mile taxi ride to our hotel, and we will be in like Flynn.  Oh… and I was able to post this from the train…  Amazing!

Tomorrow’s day will start at 4:30am for a quick breakfast, then a short cab ride over to load into the building at 6.  1.5hrs of set-up, half an hour break, and then we hit the ground running for a full court press till 6pm, then a rapid extrication to Penn to try to make a 730pm train home.  If we miss this train, we hang till 2am and get our asses handed to us on the overnight mail train.

The net net is tomorrow will be roughly a 22hr day.  It’s a kick in the pants, but I dont think either of us would want it any other way.

Nothing like location work!

For those of you who have been following the Final Cut Pro controversy, you have already been flabbergasted at Apple’s decision to F@#K the professional editing community by walking away and leaving them full in the lurch with their bit of garbage Final Cut Pro X.

I have been kind of pissy with Jobs choosing to have nothing to do with Flash on their mobile devices, and was even more dumbfounded after Apple decided to walk away from the enterprise server biz, but messing with Final Cut Pro is the last straw.

After much debate this month, we have decided to walk away from 10 years of use and move to what we now feel will be a much better partner in our growing cinema business…  and what made the decision even more compelling was Adobe’s full on push to gather up all the disenfranchised FCP users and bring them over to the PP side.

Adobe is now offering 50% off their packages…  Seeing how we needed the new CS, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc… anyway, it was an easy decision.

It was quick and easy… One call and we ordered a bunch of licenses for the Creative Suite Production Premium and we were good as gold.

Now for the hard part…. getting the guys up to speed on a totally new platform. here we come!


As promised… here is the proof of concept we cut together in order to give our client a feel for what sort of “B” roll we shot while on the ground in Seoul.

This footage was shot over two long days on the ground.

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