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This is always a special time of the year with the summer waning and fall right around the corner.  I never want it to end, but I guess we cant stop time.  The tell tale sign for me is when the July doldrums subside and morph into fall catalouge work.

Although it’s been a busy summer with lots of travel, I have to admit it was nice to be back in the studio for some old school cyc wall shooting.


It was quite a production with 20 people in the studio all buzzing around.  Since there were so many cloths and wardrobe changes, we had four stylists cranking.  One on set, and three on the racks steaming and prepping.


One of the nice things to do when shooting is to tether the camera to the network.  Now I know that photographers have  been doing this for a long time now, but I never get over how cool it is to shoot the photo, and have it wirelessly appear onto the server.  Too cool.


With all the usual suspects present, we cranked thru the day shooting 80 wardrobe changes.  Special thanks to our three models, Maggie (model agency,) Michelle, Colleen, our AD Rob (and his crew,) and last bu not least, our intern Ben!

Great shoot guys!




With so much location and travel work going on these days, it was nice to have a change and be back in the studio for a day of shooting on the cyc wall.


The AM was spent shooting the talent with the clients machines and equipment, and the afternoon was spent shooting hands holding medical tools on the light table.  Of course thanks to Michelle from TEAM for fantastic makeup work, and to Chis for the long day.

The highlight of the day was the chance to work with JC, a great model we brought up from NYC.



We had the Boston Globe in the studio the other day during a catalog shoot with our long time client Work N’ Gear for their Scrubology brand.  They brought a film crew to see what was going on…

(our videos do not load in the RSS feed, so click here to view video)

Lately we have been having tons of fun cutting together “Behind the Scenes” videos of our jobs.  The latest one (above) is from a two day shoot we did for Work N’ Gear and Sears.  Just wanted to take a second and show some the film, as well as some of the images from shoot day.

It’s days like these that really make the job worth while.  This isn’t so much be cause of the subject matter, but because of the people I get to work with.

Thanks to the girls from Team The Agency, the models, Corey from E.P. Levines, and of course the crew from Work N’ Gear for giving us the chance to make it all happen!

Thought I’d share this iPhone image I grabbed on Friday.  I had a quick meeting with an old client of mine OmniGuide.  Since 2003 (I believe) I have been shooting their catalog images.  For the most part its light table stuff with some larger medical lifestyle images tossed into the mix.  They are a great bunch of folks who know exactly what they want, yet trust in my creative process enough to let new ideas come to the surface.

I really enjoy having them as a client.

Anyway… Friday I popped into their office in order to pick up a bunch of new items for a new project and on my way up the stairs I was greeted with the above image.  Of course I realize that the clients are using the images throughout their businesses… It’s just always fun to see one’s work printed large in a public space.  Really pretty cool.  I never get tired of it.

Thanks OmniGuide for the freedom to explore!



We had a great day back at Work N’ Gear yesterday.  It was a nice mellow day shooting cloths on seamless.  I really like shooting for WNG because we have such fun with their people.

We spent the afternoon with Chris Capella, one of their designers/art directors.  (Thats him holding lazily holding the ladder making sure I don’t tip over… I think)  Chris is actually going to be running a marathon a bunch of Sundays from now.  And he’s never run before!  Kick some ass Chris!

Chris is also a partner with our friend Gary Hedrick.  The two of them run Elefhantworks, a design firm here in Boston.  They too have a blog that is worth checking out if you are into design.


CB has found his soul mate…

Of course a day at WNG wouldn’t be the same without CBK.  He makes the day run so smooth… Especially in the laugh department.

(BTW, I can only show the above photo as the blog is PG13.  Keep it up CB!)


Chris laying down spring

A lot of folks have been following the Dominican Republic job that I have been posting about and really liking the photos.  (thanks BTW…)  But the thing to always remember is that it is the clients like Work N Gear who are the most important.

These jobs might not be as glamorous, there is no travel, no helicopters, no SCUBA gear, but they are the cleints that stick with you year after year, trust what you do, and love what you provide.  It is important to never forget this, and take care of them FIRST, becuase they will be by your side long after the helicopter and sun drenched model jobs fade away.

Show me "Tiger!"

Chris!  Show me “Tiger”

I believe that the key to doing good work is to keep it light, and have a good time doing it!  Over the past two months, we have been shooting product for a company called Work N Gear south of Boston.  We have spend several days at their facility shooting some simple, but solid catalog work.  Some photographers arent interested in doing work like this, but for us it has been a blast.  Consequently, I think it shows in the work.

Trying out the clothing...

Trying out the clothing…

Too close Chris.... Too damn close!

Too close Chris…. Too damn close!

When I started in the business, I was often told that my work was just too damn broad.  Photographers that I would assist for would all say, “you have to decide what it is you want to shoot, and concentrate on that!

This was when I would always pull out my favorite old-tyme word….Balderdash!  Having the ability to shoot many different styles is a commercially viable skill, and has paid off over the past ten years.

Light testing

Light testing

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