Greg Hren is a Boston based commercial photographer who specializes in location photography.

Greg got his start in the visual arts early on in life when cable came to town. Part of the deal in his state, was that the cable company agreed to set up a local access TV station for the public to produce local programming in trade for the privilege of delivering cable TV. When he learned of this resource, he jumped right in and began shooting video.

His high school years were spent on the stage where he met and was truly influenced in his drama teacher and first mentor John Higgins.

Drifting slightly away from the arts, Greg set off to attend the University of Maine at Orono, where he joined the US Army ROTC program. Although he was fascinated by the industrial side of the military, Greg kept gravitating toward the arts, eventually leaving UMO and the ARMY to finish up his college years at Emerson College in Boston where he studied Film.


Giving my lecture

From Boston, Greg moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a camera assistant in the motion picture industry.  After four years on the West Coast, Greg became bored with the film set, and moved back to Boston to look for something else.  Back in town and needing to work, Greg decided to try working as a still photographer assistant where he quickly realized that shooting photographs just might be the deal for him.


It has been with photography that Greg has finally combined of all his interests into a true passion.  Greg’s ability to marry personability with an inherent understanding of broad topics ranging from sociology, to science, to industry, to aviation, to medicine allow his images to fully realize a clients needs. It is this simple realization that has been his recipe for success.

Thanks Rabbit for shooting this wonderful photo of me....

Greg has been very lucky in his life to have crossed paths with several mentors who have directly influenced both his art, and his sense of style and creativity.  Among these names are the nature photographer and master printer Sky Thaxter, the great outdoor industrial photographer Russ Schleipman, and award winning Annual Report photographer Michael Weymouth of Weymouth Design.


“Without the influence of these individuals in my life, my art would never have matured to the level and confidence it possesses today. I am truly thankful for these people,” says Greg.

Shooting in the outer harbor

The idea of mentoring is very important to Greg, and he spends much of his free time trying repay the gift he was given by mentoring younger photographers and film makers. According to Greg, “Teaching is what it’s all about!”