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Just delivered a new film for the M+Vision project in Madrid.  Pretty cool indeed.

We are scheduled to go back to begin another film next week, and are pumped to be back in Madrid!

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Exciting news…

In February, we were hired by the Center for Excitioncs to shoot and produce a film for the “Life at the Frontiers of Energy” film contest.  This film was particularly interesting for us as it encompassed everything we love about this genre of film making:  High tech/cutting edge science, dynamic researchers, interviews, time lapse, travel… it had it all.

The film was principally shot on location in Cambridge, but incorporated film we shot 0n high desert of Arizona at one of the largest Solar fields in the US, as well as New Zealand with it’s epic panoramic landscapes.

This morning, we got word that the film has been selected as a winner, and will be screened in Washington D.C. on May 25th.

Congrats to everyone involved!  We couldn’t have put it together without all your hard work.

Last month we were in Madrid shooting some photos for the M+Vision project.  Today I surfed over to their website and saw that it had been updated with some of the images we made while there.  The one on the top right of the above page is my favorite from the shoot.  I’m not quite sure why, but it just speaks to me.

I will try to put up some of the images from the job.  Enjoy!



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