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iPhone 4

Well… we finally did it and got iPhone 4’s in the office.  I was trying to stay content with the 3Gs’ we have, but the damn Joneses are just too persuasive.

I guess it’s a good thing as we are off to Europe again this weekend.  It will be a good chance to try out intercontenental “FaceTime”  I have to admit, the phone is pretty cool.

Rabbit extatic over the new phone...

Every once and a while we get ribbing from more “environmentally minded” individuals due to the slightly “extreme” nature of the company truck…  When operating in New England, the reason for the modifications sometimes is very convincing.

Here are a couple of fun iPhone photos documenting the ease of parking whilst on location in Cambridge this week…

Bored in Paris

Mon Dieu…

I first wrote this post on the iPhone whilst rolling out to the runway at Logan International just before we took off.  I had a great iPhone photo of Rabbit and I boarding at the Air France gate.  I quickly penned the post, uploaded a photo and tried to hit save… This is when the flight attendant politely grabbed the phone from my hand and shut it off.

She was just doing her job, and I was being “that guy.”  Anyway…  The post was supposed to be a happy one, “beats working for a living” kind of thing etc, etc, etc…  But I should have known better.  Location photography, especially international travel is always fraught with hassles.

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Ok… I know I am most likely way behind the times, but thought I’d share my new discovery.  I’ve had iPhones since they first came out, but have not been really good at using all of the functions.  I love the camera, eMail, web, etc… but really didn’t take advantage of the nuances.

The other week I had a shoot down in NYC, so we drove.  A bit more than half way down from Boston, I got the hankering for some Starbucks.  But where was I going to find my coffee rolling down I95?  Like a lightning bolt it hit me…. I wonder if my phone can tell me…?

Yep!  I did a quick search, and there it was.  A little program that would not only tell me where the closest Starbucks was, but would figure out where on the planet I was, and lead me there by the hand.  Well this was freaking fantastic! I wondered what else the damn thing was capable of.

…so now I can listen to all the white noise I want, tune my guitar, watch koi swim, translate English to Spanish, play with a light saber, as well as do all sorts of other inane things.  But today I think I found something that might be pretty useful for the slacking that I have developed over the past 6-8 months on this blog.

Logging into WordPress today I discovered they have an app that will let me post from the road.  Now I know that its probably been out for a long while and I have been just not paying attention.  I’m just slow, not retarded….  Anyway, I will give it a try and see how it works.


Shot this at a conference in Upstate NY the other day…  Thought it very peculiar and worth sharing….


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