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Processing the rushes from the OmniGuide shoot the other day.  Kudos to Chris for yet again stepping up and being an extra in one of our shots.

As he says… “It’s better to look like a doctor, than be a doctor!”

We had the Boston Globe in the studio the other day during a catalog shoot with our long time client Work N’ Gear for their Scrubology brand.  They brought a film crew to see what was going on…

We have been cranking pretty hard this past quarter, so it was nice to unplug our heads for a bit.

We pointed the “Pipeline Princess” south and headed for Valdez.  If you haven’t been, all I can say is you should go…  Very beautiful.  One night in Valdez, and then back towards Anchorage finding out-of-the way places to try to get the motor coach stuck.  Renting the RV was a brilliant move and was tons of fun.  Besides having a safe place to work out of, it was a riot to camp in… Wherever we went, there we were.  (only exception was fuel was outrageous.  At almost 1000mi of driving for the week, and $5.00/gal gas, we were in deep.)

iPhone pic from the seat of the RV

We got to Anchorage with about 12 hrs to spare, so we decided to head a bit down the Keni and take the train tunnel to Whittier.  Not much there but beer (which was fine.)  In the end, the tunnel drive and the fresh fish were worth it.

View from the bar in Whittier

Back to Anchorage, and onto the flight for home.  It is only May, but there are some long ass days already.  Below is the view from the airplane sitting at the gate at 11:15pm waiting to taxi.  I’m going to miss it!

Near daylight view at 11:15pm

(bit of a delay in posting… but worth it)  Out of the bush and safe and sound!  Thanks to everyone who made the trip successful, especially to Don and our pilot Rick for getting us in and out of the gravel bars w/out getting killed! I must say that I was pretty overwhelmed trying to land on the riverbank.  I will need much more practice before I am comfortable with off-airport landings!  This bush-pilot thing has certainly gotten under my skin… (and I know where this is going to end up)

Anyway,Talkeetna and Denali were a blast, (especially the 3 dollar taco bar and IPA.)  We will have to come back again.  After the Talkeetna, we took some personal time and headed south to Valdez (more later.)

Again, much thanks to Don and Rick.  We had a blast!

Greg, Rick, Don, Chris back at Talkeetna

Lunch at a street cafe

One of the things that makes the long days, short nights, and a heavy workload palatable when on the road is the company.  When you have a really good client, anything is doable.

Today Eric N. and I got to sneak away for a quick 30 min outdoor lunch.  (just enough time for Eric to discuss his plans for world domination…)

Paul and Andrew of Newtonville Camera

Well, we are off to Europe again for another week of photography.  I’d love to say work sucks and I hate the Man, but I really do love my job.

The very best part of this job I have to say is not the travel though.  The best part of this job is the client.  It’s not  often that a photographer gets to opportunity to work for a client that gives you the freedom to explore as an artist and to really push the boundaries of the relationship.

With that, I say thanks.

Now on to the photo above…  This AM I got a text from Andrew our sales guy at Newtonville Camera (our local and most favorite camera shop.)  He wanted me to know that our new NPS Priority Purchase D800s were in and if we wanted to bring them along to Europe.  Well of course!  The D80o will be replacing the D700 as the “blog camera” as well as being a tertiary back-up body.  Before we headed to Boston Logan, we made a quick detour out to Newton and grabbed the camera.  Like spoiled children we will be testing out the D4 AND the D800 on this trip.

BTW… (shameless plug, but not really)  I like to push Newtonville Camera a lot for no other reason that they have always taken amazing care of me since the beginning of my career.  They are about 35 miles away from my studio and in traffic, a 45 min drive….  I say this cuz I fight the traffic to shop there.   The next time you need any equipment, pick up the phone and try them before you hit the B&H button.  Mention what I said and the posting and I think you will be surprised at what Paul or Andrew can do for you.

I got a really cool call from SONY the other day. SONY has asked me to help promote some of their cameras, specifically their SONY F3 Super 35 at a Learning Lab event at Rule Boston Camera.   I had done one lecture previously at Rule, and had a great experience, so it was easy to say yes.

I’m very flattered at the invitation, and excited for the day.  If you are around on the 28th, stop by and check it out.  It should be a fun event.

If you’ve followed this blog, you know we love to do our annual holiday film.  This year is no different!  From all of us, to all of you…  We hope you have a fantastic weekend!



I rarely post other content on our blog, but I just watched a very cool short on design that I think is worth watching…  Thanks to Erica Gorochow and crew for this very cool video.  Make sure to check out her site.  I love how she shows her portfolio.


Hey Double Tree… WTF?!?

Up at 4am to get ready for the shoot.

Stumbled over to use the head and found that the toilet is like a mile off the ground!

At six feet, Im certainly not that short of a guy, but sitting on that kamode, I just barley had my tip-toes on the tile.

I’ve enjoyed shitters around the globe on all sorts of shoots, but this one is the weirdest. Felt like a three year old trying for the first time.

Life on the road…

From time to time we like to post what the hell we are eating out on the road.  Often times, the weirder, the better.

Breakfast started of fairly normal with a typical buffet that you might find in any hotel around the world (noting the slight local flavor.)  Eggs, meat, potatoes, custard, tofu, rice, etc… We skipped lunch, and then pretty much skipped dinner due to a hectic schedule humping around the city.  If I had to guess, we probably walked 12 miles when all was said and done.  Poor Rabbit is beat.

At any rate, now back at the hotel, we are famished, and everything is closed.  Fortunately there is a 7-11 down in our lobby where one can find all sorts of savory dishes.

Thought you might get a kick out of our cuisine…

The "Squid Pop"

Not sure why the “Squid Pop” never caught on in the US.  It’s just so darn delicious.

After a nutty three weeks working in the new studio, we are finally back out where we are most comfortable… on the road.

It took a while to tie up all the loose ends, but we finally hit the tarmac this afternoon at 7pm for a blast down to New Jersey for a big-pharma job tomorrow.  It’s a nice, no-stress job with a good client, and I’m really looking forward to the day of work.

In general (sorry Snookie) New Jersey is generally suspect, but after an uneventful problem free drive down 95, I thought we were going to escape the sublime and ease into fitful slumber on the sleep number bed.

I think young Rabbit must have had a premonition… the entire walk from the truck, thru the lobby, and up the elevator he was overcome with the strangest smirk.  Fate?  Luck?  Karma?


Can someone please explain to me just who seriously looks forward to towel-art after a long drive?  Really?  I believe I will be joining the twins outside in the hall riding the big wheel all night….

Friday we are off to Korea.  If this is how we are starting a road trip, I wonder what else is in store….?

Thank you Raddison.





I have to say… This is my favorite film we have done to date.  Just too funny.

We shot it to illustrate the use of overcranking with the new Sony F3 Super 35.  The beginning of the film is done in our typical “behind the scenes” style, and then morphs into an epic drama.

(For those interested) The opening was shot using a Porta-Jip Traveler, the long lens shots on sticks, and the running shots all hand held.  This film is also a great example of Matt Duclos’ 11-16mm T2.8 PL mount lens.   All of the wide shots in the film are shot with this.  It is just plain awsome!

We also used two other lenses, the Nikkor 180mm f2.8 and the Nikkor 105mm f1.8.  All of our lenses have been modified by Duclos for use with our Sony F3.  If you are interested in his Cine-Mod, click HERE.

Thanks to Scott and Rabbit for the academy award winning performance.

A big thanks to Rule!

Last night, Rule Boston Camera put on their first Pub Night (pizza, beer, and learnin…) where they had some pretty cool folks from Sony come by and give us the in-depth skinny on the new Sony F3 Super35.

We got a chance to meet Joe Schimizzi who was on the F3 team.  Joe had lots of nuggets to share.  We certainly appreciate him coming up.

Rabbit gets excited (...over beer)

For more info on the new Sony F3, click HERE.

To sign up for future events at Rule, eMail

Here is another Behind the Scenes film just off the presses… We added the end of last years aerial footage to the end of this film so it flows a bit better.


It’s a beautiful spring day here in Boston.  Hope everyone has an awesome day…

The Laughing Rabbit

Joy of joys…

Walked to the garage to get the rental this AM and was greeted by a surprise.   Rabbit and I were engaged in what I’m sure was deep philosophical conversation.   (The one where I do most of the talking and Rabbit does the eye rolling…)

Anyway, I was right in the middle of solving the worlds problems when suddenly a huge grin appeared on his face.   “What?” I said.  Rabbit pointed, then said, “This is going to cost you.”

Alas, after 15 years of airport rental cars, our luck has run out.   At least it gave us something more interesting to talk about instead of my world views…  We shall see how AVIS takes it.  They were very proud of their big black diesel VW Passat.

Slight bumper adjustment

If you have spent any time in Madrid, you will recognize this scene.  I’m a big meat eater, and if you’ve followed our work for any length of time, you will most likely have seen the “Roadkill” images we shoot… But this (even for me) is a bit much.  The hoof, on the sidewalk?  Really?

They might as well change their name to Ham-drid, because just about every door you walk by in this city has a severed leg somewhere on its premises.

I have to admit, as much as I am taken aback, it sure is damn good.   I think over the past week, Rabbit and I must have consumed over 15lbs of cured pig.

It’s one of the things that I am going to miss when I get on that plane and fly home.

“The Flying Zombie”

On of the things that is certainly the most important around here is a bit of levity.  We work pretty hard with lots and lots of long days, and at times, it can get a bit taxing.

Bear “Bear” Cieri showing the “Popeye”

To combat the intensity, we make a serious effort to have fun.  Last week in the studio during the Reebok campaign, we had a bit of time to spare during some light tests, and went to town showing our favorite moves.

I just had to share…

Greg Hren showing “Zen and the Art of Ass-Kicking”

Scott “Scott the Intern” Wesson showing the “Bit-Much”

I certainly hope this is not an omen… The flight attendant has his eyes on young Rabbit.

Off to London tonight, then to Madrid for a week of shooting. Photos, film, and hopefully, a whole lot of fun.

“The Crew” (L-R) Scott the Intern, Greg, Bear, Rabbit

Just wanted to say thanks to the crew for a great shoot on the Reebok campaign.  Images are all batched and processed (in record time) and they are awesome!

Couldn’t have done it without you guys!  Thanks to the girls from TEAM, and my crew, Bear, Rabbit, and Scott the Intern.

You guys rock!

Scott the Intern

I wanna take a sec and welcome “Scott the Intern” to the crew.   Scott had his first day with us on a campaign for Reebok yesterday where he was baptized by fire.

Our fist task… haze him a bit.  (He may have to work on the “thumbs up pose”)  If he can take the ribbing, he just might get a nickname… Maybe even a job.

Anyway, he did a good job and passed the test.  Stay tuned…

iPhone 4

Well… we finally did it and got iPhone 4’s in the office.  I was trying to stay content with the 3Gs’ we have, but the damn Joneses are just too persuasive.

I guess it’s a good thing as we are off to Europe again this weekend.  It will be a good chance to try out intercontenental “FaceTime”  I have to admit, the phone is pretty cool.

Rabbit extatic over the new phone...

Looks like we’ve made it to the big time!   Well not me exactly…

Early Monday AM my iPhone gave out a little squeak with a text from my long time friend and assistant CB asking if I was listening to NPR.  Of course I wasn’t but tried to call him back to ask why but got no answer.

CBK... no spelling B winner

Curious to see if Corning had changed their name, I picked up the phone to check in with a long time friend and Corning art director Craig K to see what was up.  Turns out he had no idea either…

Off to the world wide super-web internet network I went and quickly found the source of the excitement.

Morning Edition had done a story on Corning’s Gorilla Glass, and there, smack dab in on the page was one our our photos from the 2009 Annual Report.

Yeah yeah… I have said this before, but I always get a kick when I randomly stumble across my images in places I didn’t expect to see them.

It’s funny that the story and then image was about Corning because this has happened quite often with the photography we do for Corning.

Rabbit, taking one (again) for the team

The most amusing experience we have had was on a shuttle flight back from NYC.  Rabbit and I were exhausted, and had just barely made it on the last airplane out of the city.  I stowed our cameras in the overhead, slumped down into the window seat, picked up the magazine in the seat back, and began to laugh…  There, in all his scientific splendor was young Rabbit dressed in the clean room as a scientist.

Corning Photography on the Commercial Website

I like to joke, but the fact is that Corning is one of my longest time and best clients.  Corning is one of those clients that as an artist, we feel just so fortunate to get a chance to work with.   First meeting them in 2000 on an Annual Report shoot for Weymouth Design, it has been a long and most artistically productive relationship.

If you are interested in more of the images from our work with Corning… then click here.


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