Looks like we’ve made it to the big time!   Well not me exactly…

Early Monday AM my iPhone gave out a little squeak with a text from my long time friend and assistant CB asking if I was listening to NPR.  Of course I wasn’t but tried to call him back to ask why but got no answer.

CBK... no spelling B winner

Curious to see if Corning had changed their name, I picked up the phone to check in with a long time friend and Corning art director Craig K to see what was up.  Turns out he had no idea either…

Off to the world wide super-web internet network I went and quickly found the source of the excitement.

Morning Edition had done a story on Corning’s Gorilla Glass, and there, smack dab in on the page was one our our photos from the 2009 Annual Report.

Yeah yeah… I have said this before, but I always get a kick when I randomly stumble across my images in places I didn’t expect to see them.

It’s funny that the story and then image was about Corning because this has happened quite often with the photography we do for Corning.

Rabbit, taking one (again) for the team

The most amusing experience we have had was on a shuttle flight back from NYC.  Rabbit and I were exhausted, and had just barely made it on the last airplane out of the city.  I stowed our cameras in the overhead, slumped down into the window seat, picked up the magazine in the seat back, and began to laugh…  There, in all his scientific splendor was young Rabbit dressed in the clean room as a scientist.

Corning Photography on the Commercial Website

I like to joke, but the fact is that Corning is one of my longest time and best clients.  Corning is one of those clients that as an artist, we feel just so fortunate to get a chance to work with.   First meeting them in 2000 on an Annual Report shoot for Weymouth Design, it has been a long and most artistically productive relationship.

If you are interested in more of the images from our work with Corning… then click here.