Paul and Andrew of Newtonville Camera

Well, we are off to Europe again for another week of photography.  I’d love to say work sucks and I hate the Man, but I really do love my job.

The very best part of this job I have to say is not the travel though.  The best part of this job is the client.  It’s not  often that a photographer gets to opportunity to work for a client that gives you the freedom to explore as an artist and to really push the boundaries of the relationship.

With that, I say thanks.

Now on to the photo above…  This AM I got a text from Andrew our sales guy at Newtonville Camera (our local and most favorite camera shop.)  He wanted me to know that our new NPS Priority Purchase D800s were in and if we wanted to bring them along to Europe.  Well of course!  The D80o will be replacing the D700 as the “blog camera” as well as being a tertiary back-up body.  Before we headed to Boston Logan, we made a quick detour out to Newton and grabbed the camera.  Like spoiled children we will be testing out the D4 AND the D800 on this trip.

BTW… (shameless plug, but not really)  I like to push Newtonville Camera a lot for no other reason that they have always taken amazing care of me since the beginning of my career.  They are about 35 miles away from my studio and in traffic, a 45 min drive….  I say this cuz I fight the traffic to shop there.   The next time you need any equipment, pick up the phone and try them before you hit the B&H button.  Mention what I said and the posting and I think you will be surprised at what Paul or Andrew can do for you.