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For those of you who have been following the Final Cut Pro controversy, you have already been flabbergasted at Apple’s decision to F@#K the professional editing community by walking away and leaving them full in the lurch with their bit of garbage Final Cut Pro X.

I have been kind of pissy with Jobs choosing to have nothing to do with Flash on their mobile devices, and was even more dumbfounded after Apple decided to walk away from the enterprise server biz, but messing with Final Cut Pro is the last straw.

After much debate this month, we have decided to walk away from 10 years of use and move to what we now feel will be a much better partner in our growing cinema business…  and what made the decision even more compelling was Adobe’s full on push to gather up all the disenfranchised FCP users and bring them over to the PP side.

Adobe is now offering 50% off their packages…  Seeing how we needed the new CS, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc… anyway, it was an easy decision.

It was quick and easy… One call and we ordered a bunch of licenses for the Creative Suite Production Premium and we were good as gold.

Now for the hard part…. getting the guys up to speed on a totally new platform. here we come!


EliteRAID from Sans Digital


Just wanted to share a cool bit of kit we have been using in the studio.  The Sans Digital EliteRAID ER208I+B.

This is a rack mounted 2U 8-bay dual channel iSCSI RAID.  It’s cheap, easy, and reliable.  We got it as a test for backing up the towers.  In a nutshell, we have it hooked up to one of the edit suits for use as a local drive.  With eight 3TB drives inside, it nets around a 19TB RAID 5 drive that we use to TimeMachine the two other local fiber channel RAID 5’s connected to the machine.

(Huh….?)  What that means is this:  First, if your not using Apple’s TimeMachine, you should.  It basically backs up everything automatically and has saved our ass more than once.

Our system goes like this.  Read the rest of this entry »

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