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Well, we survived and are on our way home.

The AM was especially tough.  No matter how you slice it, 4am always comes just way too early.

Rabbit catches some zzz's on the ride to the lobby

We caught an easy cab from our hotel (probably cuz the majority of the city was still asleep) and made our way to the location.

We lucked out and had a great big conference room to shoot in.  The client had removed all furniture from the  room and we had an nice blank canvas to start with.  The art director had requested a nice environmental backdrop, so we lit a nice chair with the daylight balanced Divas and used the cloudless Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.


We checked our sound, and we settled in for 11 hours of interviews.


All in all, the day went great and we got some great stuff.  We were able to wrap out with enough seconds on the clock to make a mad dash to Penn Station with just enough time to catch the last Acela train back to Boston.


Rabbit re-energized and ready to make the dash to Penn to try to catch the last Acela


To top it off, we found ourselves riding next to our old friend Tom Kraft, one of the art directors from Weymouth Design.  Tom and I worked together on many projects over the years, and it was great to catch up with him.

Tom Kraft of Weymouth Design fame


Mass eMail from Graphis

Mass eMail from Graphis

I just got an eMail from Graphis for their Annual Report 2010 call for entries.  I was excited to see that they chose my portrait of Designer/Photographer Michael Weymouth, owner of Weymouth Design.

The photo was shot for a feature story on Mike that I believe is in the latest issue of Graphis.


To read the behind the scenes article on the shoot day last fall, click here:

You can also watch a short film on the photo shoot as well.

(L-R)  Mike Indresano, Michelle, Greg

(L-R) Colleague Mike Indresano, Producer Michelle, Greg (muscle pose...)

Spent the AM yesterday scouting a studio location for a cool portrait project we have coming up.


We first started last week by booking Exposure Place at EP Levine’s on Dry Dock Ave in Boston, however when our subject had a conflict, and pushed the shoot time till later in the day,  Exposure Place became unavailable and we had to scramble to find another location.

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Bear loading the cart

Bear loading the cart

We were back at our old client Entegris just before the weekend shooting some product photography on seamless.gh2_3620

I have posted about Entegris before, but what is cool about working with them is that they have us shoot a wide range of photography, which really exercises our versatility.   I have worked with this client for about 8 years in different capacities.  First shooting for the company when it was called Millipore and Mykrolis through our good friends at Weymouth Design, and now as Entegris with Art Director Anna Anderson.  You can view some of the Entegris work on the commercial web site under “Campaigns,” but we have shot everything from portraits, to clean rooms, to product on seamless.

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(L to R) Richard, Kerry, Greg

(L to R) Richard, Keri, Greg

The Annual Report season is back in full swing.  One my  favorite accounts is shooting for Raytheon, and this is for several reasons.

Firstly, we get to do what do best, which is to hit the road and solve problems.  Negotiating airports, traveling to new places, meeting new faces, and just generally spending time on the road is what I love most about this buisness.  The photo above was taken from our frist day shooting down in Rhode Island.  Richard (who loves the muscle poses) insisted on talking Keri (our Raytheon contact) into posing for the camera after the shoot. Read the rest of this entry »

Interviewing Robert Krivicich

Interviewing Robert Krivicich. Notice the available light from camera left, and the fill card on the left side. The Video camera is off to camera right. I am watching a small preview monitor to my left.

Saturday  we did a second day of video interviews for a project we have been asked to do by Weymouth Design.  The video we are producing is designed to showcase a new development in the Annual Report business.

Robert is elated we are finished!

Robert is elated we are finished!

Last week we interviewed West Coast Partner Bob Kellerman in San Francisco, and Saturday we interviewed President and CEO Tom Anderson, as well as Boston Partner Robert Krivicich. Read the rest of this entry »

Thought you would like to check out the “behind the scenes” view from our Graphis shoot featuring Mike Weymouth.

Great thanks to Richard for shooting and helping to cut the film together!  This short was shot on our new  Sony Handy Cam HDR-SR12, and cut on the MacPro using Final Cut Pro.

For more info on how we created the images, read the post “Portrait of a Mentor.”

Portrait of Mike Weymouth

The other day, mentor and good friend Mike Weymouth of founder of Weymouth Design asked me to shoot his portrait for a large article he was writing for Graphis regarding the Annual Report business and his 30 plus year journey through its center.

Mike and Greg bounce ideas....

Mike and Greg bounce ideas....

Mike Weymouth started his design firm in 1973.  A couple of years after working with photographers on jobs, Mike (a true perfectionist) realized that he was increasingly frustrated with their artistic process, and decided he might be able to do it a bit better.  It wasn’t long after his revelation that he picked up a camera and began creating amazing images.  Those early photographs would send him onto a long and successful path as an innovator, a designer, photographer, and eventually, the winningest designer over a career.

Richard loves getting up early!!!

Richard loves getting up early!!!

Although working with Mike is demanding, the experience is rewarding.  His level of energy is amazing, and his capacity for creativity is bottomless. Read the rest of this entry »

Friend and Weymouth Designer Robert Krivicich

Friend and Weymouth Designer Robert Krivicich

Well I finally got Robert (above) from Weymouth Design out of the office and out on the water!!!

We snuck away from our respective Macintosh’s and headed north to Joppa Flats at the mouth of the Merrimack. I wish I could say I caught the larger fish, but alas, Robert is the better Angler and kicked my ass on both the fish count, and the size contest.

Robert is an amazing designer. This September, he and I will have been working together for nine years. We have worked on some interesting projects together.

My absolute favorite shot for Weymouth Design has to have been the Annual Report for US Shipping (as seen in the “campaign” section of the web site.) Robert was the creative director, and Aaron Haesaert (now at Catapult Thinking) was the designer. We agreed to shoot the job with Fuji Velvia film, and use a lot of panoramics. We shot that job with the Nikon F5 as well as both the Widelux and the Hasselblad X-Pan.

Another helicopter shot

This is one of my favorite shots from the job. We were just off the surface of the ocean, 20 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico standing on the skid of a Jet Ranger. Talk about a fun job! These are my favorites, and I am always thankful to get the opportunity to make these pictures.

Here are some other of my favorites from that Annual Report:

Portrait of the Captain

Portrait of the Captain

AB Portrait


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