(L to R) Richard, Kerry, Greg

(L to R) Richard, Keri, Greg

The Annual Report season is back in full swing.  One my  favorite accounts is shooting for Raytheon, and this is for several reasons.

Firstly, we get to do what do best, which is to hit the road and solve problems.  Negotiating airports, traveling to new places, meeting new faces, and just generally spending time on the road is what I love most about this buisness.  The photo above was taken from our frist day shooting down in Rhode Island.  Richard (who loves the muscle poses) insisted on talking Keri (our Raytheon contact) into posing for the camera after the shoot.

Secondly, it is a chance for me to work with the guys over at Weymouth Design, whith whom this year marks 10 years of colaboration.

As with last year, the photography for the Raytheon book has been split up between myself, and Mike Weymouth.

Under contract, we are not allowed to show any of the work we have done for the company, but the 2006 and 2007 Raytheon Annual Reports are publically availiable on the web on the Raytheon website.