(L-R)  Mike Indresano, Michelle, Greg

(L-R) Colleague Mike Indresano, Producer Michelle, Greg (muscle pose...)

Spent the AM yesterday scouting a studio location for a cool portrait project we have coming up.


We first started last week by booking Exposure Place at EP Levine’s on Dry Dock Ave in Boston, however when our subject had a conflict, and pushed the shoot time till later in the day,  Exposure Place became unavailable and we had to scramble to find another location.


When I started as a photo assistant about 10 years ago, things were very very different in this biz.  There were tons of photographers in Boston, and most of them had studios.

Over the years, the photogs slowly left their studios, and then left the business.   This primarily wasn’t because there were less and less jobs, but more ( I think) because the older photographers were not willing to make the commitment to the changing landscape.  This actually was one of the big learning lessons that I picked up from my friend and mentor Mike Weymouth of Weymouth Design.  Throughout his career, and even today  (67 the other day) the man has maintained a commitment to keeping up with the changes in the landscape.  This is the key to a long career.


Anyway… We started looking around for another studio space to rent, and basically found that they were for the most part ALL gone…  Just like the old photographers, they could no longer make a go of it, packed up, and disappeared.

So what to do…?   Enter our friend and colleague Michael Indresano!  Michael is a very well known Boston product photographer with an amazing skill at studio lighting.  I have followed his work for a long time, and he is know for the Michael Indresano Studio, a beautiful facility on A Street in South Boston.

A quick call to Michelle (his in house producer) and a simple request to rent one of his shooting spaces solved the problem.

His space is on E. First St in South Boston, right off of K street.  It is a wide, open studio that will serve us perfectly.

Stay tuned for a post on the shoot.

Thanks Michael and Michelle!