Well, we survived and are on our way home.

The AM was especially tough.  No matter how you slice it, 4am always comes just way too early.

Rabbit catches some zzz's on the ride to the lobby

We caught an easy cab from our hotel (probably cuz the majority of the city was still asleep) and made our way to the location.

We lucked out and had a great big conference room to shoot in.  The client had removed all furniture from the  room and we had an nice blank canvas to start with.  The art director had requested a nice environmental backdrop, so we lit a nice chair with the daylight balanced Divas and used the cloudless Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.


We checked our sound, and we settled in for 11 hours of interviews.


All in all, the day went great and we got some great stuff.  We were able to wrap out with enough seconds on the clock to make a mad dash to Penn Station with just enough time to catch the last Acela train back to Boston.


Rabbit re-energized and ready to make the dash to Penn to try to catch the last Acela


To top it off, we found ourselves riding next to our old friend Tom Kraft, one of the art directors from Weymouth Design.  Tom and I worked together on many projects over the years, and it was great to catch up with him.

Tom Kraft of Weymouth Design fame