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Processing the rushes from the OmniGuide shoot the other day.  Kudos to Chris for yet again stepping up and being an extra in one of our shots.

As he says… “It’s better to look like a doctor, than be a doctor!”

Chris with Profoto Portable Strobes

Chris with Profoto Portable Strobes

Spring is here and its the season for Higher Ed Photography.  Now that the weather is booming, Chris and I have been flat out shooting as much as possible before the students leave for the summer.  April alone has had us out to five campuses!   Shooting higher ed is particularly fun because of the diversity of images.  Much like an annual report shoot, higher ed photography runs the gamut and encompasses every kind of genera including portraits, macro work, science/technology, sports/action, product photography, and general lifestyle.

To cover as much ground in a day, we try to move light.   Typically we can shoot everything we need with:  Profoto Acute B (battery strobes,) One large stand, Profoto Octa, (2) D4’s, 14mm, 16mm, 17-35mm, 24-70mm, 60mm macro (w/ extension tubes)  70-200mm,  300mm 2.8, Gitzo carbon Fiber tripod, and plenty of cards.  This kit condenses down to two pelican cases and is perfect for Chris and I to get in and out with a small footprint.


Thought I’d take a sec to share a pic of Chris showing off the production van or as we call it, “The Pipeline Princess.”

The best part of this thing, (besides the beer fridge,) is the heat. It was Pretty damn nippy last night!

We are in Talkeetna and a stones throw from Denali. The bar last night was packed with climbers all chomping to get to base camp. Pretty damn cool.

Weather is holding, which means we will be able to do some flying here pretty soon.

Gotta love Alaska!

Just want to take a second and say goodbye to our fall intern Ryan.  After 4 long and hard 200+hr months, we can surely say we are going to miss him.

Ryan primarily spent his time working the box learning Adobe Premiere, and for the past 5 weeks, has been working on an epic Alaska road film we are cutting (look for it in the spring.)

We wish you the best on your journey!  Thanks for the hard work.

Shooting today on the 128 rim with another tech company.  Thank God for the Magliner from Filmtools cuz carrying all that crap from one room to the next is such a drag.

I’m not sure what he has been up to… but I think young Rabbit has been hitting the gym.

The funny thing about this photo is that in actual reality, Ryan (our fall intern) at 5′ 6″ and 120lbs can not even lift this bag off the ground.  (The bag is actually filled with 2 C Stands, 4 stands, a boom arm, 4 blade stands, chords, and a whole bunch of other small crap…)

Just posted this on Craig’s List…  If you or know anyone who might be interested, send us a note.

Smart, reliable, motivated, and mature intern needed…

We are a commercial photography and film company based out of our 4000sq foot production studio 20 min south of Boston. We are currently looking to fill a Fall position for our fourth intern.

Intern will tasked primarily with non-linear editing projects as well as occasional assisting on film and commercial photography jobs. World-wide travel a possibility. Internship period shall last 3-4 months depending on candidate. We will be looking for another full time editor soon, so there is a possibility that this internship could turn into full time employment.

Macintosh history a must… No specific software experience necessary, however our ideal candidate should have a working knowledge of FCP, Premier, After Effects, Compressor, and Motion. Production and HD camera experience along with some understanding of music theory would also be a plus. If candidate has no software experience, candidate will be expected to show proof of completion of tutorials prior to beginning internship.

This internship should be considered a “graduate style” experience. One will leave with the “real world” knowledge and skills to work in a demanding production/post production environment. We are serious and extremely hard working so be prepared to be focused and work hard. Time commitment will be intense (210hrs/ month,) so please do not inquire if you are not dedicated.

Please research our firm and see if you feel you would be a good fit. Our commercial website can be found here: and our blog here:

eMail resume and a cover letter explaining why you might be a good fit.


Creative Director

I bust on Chris a ton… but he really deserves a ton of credit.  Last weeks shoot in KY was a doozie, and CB really came thru humping all our gear up, down, and all around in the swealtering, muggy, southern heat.

If we are judged by the company we keep, I certainly feel lucky.

Thanks CB!



On our way home…

We have some time to kill, so we are stopping for our every important post-shoot beer.  I think Scott, our resident beer expert (back at the studio) would love this one, a doozy at 9%.  (This one’s for you Jerry…)

Leaving the west (we are in Utah) is always bitter sweet.  Lot’s to do in the new studio, but the view of the mountains was pretty damn cool today.  I’d love to hit the road and get lost for a couple of days exploring, but alas, it’s not in the cards…  Perhaps later this summer.

If you are viewing this post in an RSS feed and want to watch the video, click HERE

If you are reading this link in an RSS feed and want to see the video, click HERE

CB gets ready to depart Logan with his "fly pose"

Back out on the road…  This time, Arizona and the Grand Canyon for some “B” roll footage of the high and low deserts.

For this trip, CB is along for the ride.  He is a great photo assistant who really works well out on location.  I have used him before on some crazy location shoots and he is always up for an adventure.  It will be a quick 4 day shoot, all of which we will be camping out in the bush.   It should be a blast.

I certainly hope this is not an omen… The flight attendant has his eyes on young Rabbit.

Off to London tonight, then to Madrid for a week of shooting. Photos, film, and hopefully, a whole lot of fun.

“The Crew” (L-R) Scott the Intern, Greg, Bear, Rabbit

Just wanted to say thanks to the crew for a great shoot on the Reebok campaign.  Images are all batched and processed (in record time) and they are awesome!

Couldn’t have done it without you guys!  Thanks to the girls from TEAM, and my crew, Bear, Rabbit, and Scott the Intern.

You guys rock!

Scott the Intern

I wanna take a sec and welcome “Scott the Intern” to the crew.   Scott had his first day with us on a campaign for Reebok yesterday where he was baptized by fire.

Our fist task… haze him a bit.  (He may have to work on the “thumbs up pose”)  If he can take the ribbing, he just might get a nickname… Maybe even a job.

Anyway, he did a good job and passed the test.  Stay tuned…

Just wanted to take a second to recognize the work of James Grady during the winter break.

We first met James when he was a sr. designer at KOR group. Last fall, James left KOR to start a new life as a graduate student at RISD. During his January and February break, James worked in our studio as a graduate intern going above and beyond his requirement from RISD by spending over 300 hours in the editing suite.

During his stay, he not only worked as a photo assistant, but produced, help shoot, and fully post produced a series of Pro Bono films we did for the Wilderness Medical Associates in Portland Maine. In his short tenure, James surpassed our expectations by quickly mastering Final Cut Pro and creating a film series that wowed the client.

James brought a great energy into the studio which will be missed. Good luck with the rest of your journey. I know you will continue to kick ass! We hope to work with you again!

Finishing up at the Hospital

Finally finished up day 3 here on location in Madrid, and today was even harder than the first two.  Like most days on the road, we were up and out of the hotel before the sunrise spending the first half of the day on the streets shooting time-lapse and city B-roll, and the second half 40 miles to the north in a Hospital shooting MRI and other scanning machines.

As they say here in Madrid, Vale… Yes its true, we are lucky to be doing what we are doing.  I have said it before, and will say it again; “sure beats working for a living.”  But that said, most of the time this job is just totally exhausting.  No sleep on the airplane, bad travel food, super early calls, long days, and then even longer evenings that morph into evening time-lapse shots into night B-roll.

Rabbit Screams

When a client sends you out on the road, there is a big expectation that you will do what it takes in order to get the job done.  We have always done this, and hope that we will always be able to continue to do so.  Dependability is one of the things that we pride ourselves on the most.

Rabbit pulls “security duty,” diligently fending off pick pocket and equipt thieves

This said, it still doesn’t make things easy.  Being french fried is still being french fried, and no matter who you are, being beyond tired is a tough row to hoe.

In all the miles that I have logged traveling around this pile of dirt, I have found that there is one secret to get you over the hump, and that secret is having a good assistant.

Rabbit has been working with me for a long time now, and there is really one reason above all others for which he always gets my gratitude.  The fact is, he is one tough ass soldier.

No matter how long we push, how cold, how wet, how hungry, or how tired he gets… he can always be counted on to keep his chin up, stiffen his upper lip, and take the pain.  He’s like a God damn post man.

Rabbit gets conscripted into the “Scanning Corps” or, taking one for the team

Right now, well past midnight, as I tippy-type on my laptop tooth-picking my eyelids open, he is on the other side of the wall charging batteries and prepping audio gear in order to be ready for tomorrow’s 6 am call.

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