Finishing up at the Hospital

Finally finished up day 3 here on location in Madrid, and today was even harder than the first two.  Like most days on the road, we were up and out of the hotel before the sunrise spending the first half of the day on the streets shooting time-lapse and city B-roll, and the second half 40 miles to the north in a Hospital shooting MRI and other scanning machines.

As they say here in Madrid, Vale… Yes its true, we are lucky to be doing what we are doing.  I have said it before, and will say it again; “sure beats working for a living.”  But that said, most of the time this job is just totally exhausting.  No sleep on the airplane, bad travel food, super early calls, long days, and then even longer evenings that morph into evening time-lapse shots into night B-roll.

Rabbit Screams

When a client sends you out on the road, there is a big expectation that you will do what it takes in order to get the job done.  We have always done this, and hope that we will always be able to continue to do so.  Dependability is one of the things that we pride ourselves on the most.

Rabbit pulls “security duty,” diligently fending off pick pocket and equipt thieves

This said, it still doesn’t make things easy.  Being french fried is still being french fried, and no matter who you are, being beyond tired is a tough row to hoe.

In all the miles that I have logged traveling around this pile of dirt, I have found that there is one secret to get you over the hump, and that secret is having a good assistant.

Rabbit has been working with me for a long time now, and there is really one reason above all others for which he always gets my gratitude.  The fact is, he is one tough ass soldier.

No matter how long we push, how cold, how wet, how hungry, or how tired he gets… he can always be counted on to keep his chin up, stiffen his upper lip, and take the pain.  He’s like a God damn post man.

Rabbit gets conscripted into the “Scanning Corps” or, taking one for the team

Right now, well past midnight, as I tippy-type on my laptop tooth-picking my eyelids open, he is on the other side of the wall charging batteries and prepping audio gear in order to be ready for tomorrow’s 6 am call.

Every 30 min or so we get one of these dances…

In that vein, I thought I might share just a couple of the zany images of Rabbit from today.  Hopefully from these picts, you will get a feel for what a day is like working with the “Rabbit.”