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I want to thank the judges deeply for including my work in this years Communication Arts Photography Annual.  It’s certainly a huge honor and I am flattered to be included.   I cant show the image yet, but stay tuned for CA’s announcement!

I didn’t submit last year, but here is the image that won the year before.  You can read the blog post on that image and watch the behind the scenes film here:


As one of my early mentors once said, “CA is the best advertising money can’t buy.”

Just a friendly reminder that the CA photo annual competition deadline is tomorrow March 15th.  If your entering, good luck!

Another film we won an AVA award for was the proof of concept we shot and then cut together for Fullbridge after a photo/video trip to Korea.

The crazy thing about this film was that it was shot in only four days of filming.  Out of those four days, two were interview days, and on top of that, it was constantly raining with only about 3 hours of sun.  We really had to hustle in order to get enough “B” roll footage.

This film was awarded a platinum for cinematography.

All well in Madrid.  First day of shooting (12hrs straight) went great. Great client, great subject matter, great food… What could be better?

Sitting in the hotel room downloading data… just thought I would take a sec and talk a little about some of our films that we were lucky enough to be recognized for in the AVA awards on Friday.

The first film I want to show again was probably my favorite of 2011.  The film, called “PUSH,” was shot on location in Wampatuck State Park with the sole purpose of experimenting with the slow/quick technology in the new Sony F3 Super 35.  The film includes our very own Rabbit, and our summer intern Scott Wesson.  (thanks guys!)

The itteration I submitted to AVA was sans the “behind the scenes” component, however it probably does a bit more good to have the first part of the film included as it talks about what exactly we were doing.

Hope you enjoy!

Just got some good news…

Last night the AVA awards were announced.  When our friend and colleague Tim Llewellyn texted a “congratulations on the award,” I was a bit confused.

We had submitted some of our work on Tim’s urging, but never expected to win anything.

I was totally surprised when I logged on and found that we had won 7 Platinum, and 4 gold awards.  I will try to rep-post some of the films this week.

We are off to Spain today for a week of shooting, so look for some road posts.  Thanks to all those involved with the production of the winning films!  (you know who you are!)


When I was working as an assistant, I worked with a guy named Russ Schleipman.  Russ was (and still is) an amazing location photographer.  His mastery of color theory and composition left a heavy impression on my work which can be seen in almost every image I make.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of his images.  It was a white and green Boing 747 landing between the city streets of Hong Kong.  It was awesome…  After that, I was hooked.  I wanted to shoot what he shot.

In a large part, Russ’ influence is what drove me to the point I am at now.  For this, I will always be grateful.

When working with Russ, I remember his once saying, “Communication Arts… The best advertising money can’t buy.”  He was speaking about their Photo Annual, and made a point to enter every single year.  As an impressionable assistant, I followed suit.

The other day, I learned that one of my images (a portrait of Michael Weymouth for Graphis) was selected as a winner for the 2011 Photo Annual.  With over 11,000 images submitted to the competition, CA’s Award of Excellence carries much weight.   I am truly honored to have one of my images chosen for this years annual.  Thanks to Comm Arts, and to all the judges who participated in the week long selection process in Menlo Park.

And of course… Thanks to Russ.  I will do my best to pass on the inspiration.

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