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Chris, Heather and I

Chris, Heather and I

We have been working on a cool job where we are shooting 360 degree photographs for a BioMed client at some of their facilities.   Chris, Heather and I headed down to Baltimore to shoot the lab.


In a nutshell… Travel, shoot all the rooms with the 360 robot, head back to the studio to stitch em together.  After that, my web programmer puts the modules together for a micro-site we are building.


Its kind of cool.  Once its finished, I will try to write a review of the Gigapan Epic Pro.  So far it seems to work pretty cool.


There is no better excuse for getting out out on the water than under the guise of shooting some personal work.

00... Way way too early!!!!

Loading the truck at 03:00... Way way too early!!!!

Chris at the helm.  Thank GOD for coffee!!!

Chris at the helm. Thank GOD for coffee!!!

Today, I decided to get out into Boston Harbor in search of some new possibilities for my portfolio. We launched the boat in Hingham Harbor at 04:00 and ran the 8 miles out to the Graves in the dark. The water was perfectly smooth and the ride was great fun.

I wasn’t exactly sure of the image I was after, but I had some idea as I had been out to the lighthouse two days prior scouting. My objective for the day was to come back with two basic images. First, I wanted to shoot some cool panoramics incorporating the sunrise and the lighthouse. Secondly, I was after an industrial image inside the harbor by the airport. I will talk about that image in another post. Read the rest of this entry »


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