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Shooting today on the 128 rim with another tech company.  Thank God for the Magliner from Filmtools cuz carrying all that crap from one room to the next is such a drag.

I’m not sure what he has been up to… but I think young Rabbit has been hitting the gym.

The funny thing about this photo is that in actual reality, Ryan (our fall intern) at 5′ 6″ and 120lbs can not even lift this bag off the ground.  (The bag is actually filled with 2 C Stands, 4 stands, a boom arm, 4 blade stands, chords, and a whole bunch of other small crap…)

The flight from Chicago to Seoul was uneventful.  Not too long, and not too short.  (I was able to catch the full first season of The Wire on the iPad)

It wasn’t until we cleared customs that we realized that one of our bags (the large body bag) was missing.  “Didn’t make the flight” said the airline rep…  “Perhaps tomorrow.”

Fortunately, the only thing we will need tomorrow is our tripods, (and our cloths.)  So not to worry… After our 1.5 hour slammin ride thru some of the worst traffic I have seen in a while, young Rabbit and I checked into our hotel, then quickly headed out again to begin an elaborate quest for tripods.  This had happened to me a couple of years ago in Puerto Rico, so it’s not that new an experience, but really a pain in the ass.

After about an hour of searching, we stumbled upon some sort of Walmart-esque super store where we were able to procure two ultra high end (tongue and cheek) tripods and heads which cost us some odd 75,000 won.  Not the prettiest, but they will do the job.


On our way home…

We have some time to kill, so we are stopping for our every important post-shoot beer.  I think Scott, our resident beer expert (back at the studio) would love this one, a doozy at 9%.  (This one’s for you Jerry…)

Leaving the west (we are in Utah) is always bitter sweet.  Lot’s to do in the new studio, but the view of the mountains was pretty damn cool today.  I’d love to hit the road and get lost for a couple of days exploring, but alas, it’s not in the cards…  Perhaps later this summer.

If you have spent any time in Madrid, you will recognize this scene.  I’m a big meat eater, and if you’ve followed our work for any length of time, you will most likely have seen the “Roadkill” images we shoot… But this (even for me) is a bit much.  The hoof, on the sidewalk?  Really?

They might as well change their name to Ham-drid, because just about every door you walk by in this city has a severed leg somewhere on its premises.

I have to admit, as much as I am taken aback, it sure is damn good.   I think over the past week, Rabbit and I must have consumed over 15lbs of cured pig.

It’s one of the things that I am going to miss when I get on that plane and fly home.

“The Flying Zombie”

On of the things that is certainly the most important around here is a bit of levity.  We work pretty hard with lots and lots of long days, and at times, it can get a bit taxing.

Bear “Bear” Cieri showing the “Popeye”

To combat the intensity, we make a serious effort to have fun.  Last week in the studio during the Reebok campaign, we had a bit of time to spare during some light tests, and went to town showing our favorite moves.

I just had to share…

Greg Hren showing “Zen and the Art of Ass-Kicking”

Scott “Scott the Intern” Wesson showing the “Bit-Much”

“The Crew” (L-R) Scott the Intern, Greg, Bear, Rabbit

Just wanted to say thanks to the crew for a great shoot on the Reebok campaign.  Images are all batched and processed (in record time) and they are awesome!

Couldn’t have done it without you guys!  Thanks to the girls from TEAM, and my crew, Bear, Rabbit, and Scott the Intern.

You guys rock!

17.5th day...

I just turned around and asked, “Rich, just how many days have you been working now?”  The above photo is just about exactly what I got.

We have been working on overload the past month trying to get a bunch of films finished before we travel back to Europe, and just have too much to do… Because of this, we have been pretty much working around the clock.

After the scream, Rabbit informed me that today was his 17.5th day straight, working 12+hrs a day.  (OVERTIME!)


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