Rabbit dropped me off at the airport yesterday for a solo mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina and another long ass plane ride!

Traveling is getting both harder, AND easier.  Especially when traveling alone!  Weight constraints are much tougher, the bags you can carry on are smaller, and there are no more peanuts.

That being said, every once and a while though you do find a stress reliever here and there.  This was a small deal, but a good one.  KUDOS to Boston Logan for providing a powered set of seats!  Keep it up!


Anyway… Uneventful flight from Boston to JFK, a 3 hour layover and then on another jet to B.A.

Boston to JFK

Boston to JFK

The flight really wasn’t that bad (thanks to Ambien…)  I actually got 7 solid hours of sleep on the plane.  Those little pills are the best thing since slice bread!

I have been trying pretty hard to keep the blog full of good tidbits, but so far don’t have anything that interesting to convey.

Hold on… that’s not entirely true.  The first is the Ambien trick.  Well worth it on any flight over 6 hours.  East to West coast, East to Europe, and definitely to any points in Asia.  I took it just after they served dinner an hour into the flight, and woke up just as we were on final approach into Buenos Aires.  Good stuff!

I think my second tip however is the biggie!

Beware of the Artichoke Dip at Chili’s!  I was just about to order an app with dinner during my layover at JFK when I was shocked to read (not sure WHY they disclose this??) the caloric count of the appetizer. 905 calories!!!  Holy crap!



Blogging on the road…

Suffice it to say… I abstained from the dip.

Landed feeling rested.  (thanks Mr. Ambien) and made it into the city without inciden.  I was planning on walking around to shoot some personal work using the D700, the SU 800 Commander, and the SB900, but we are getting slammed with a thunder storm and pouring rain.

View from out the balcony.  What can I say......

View from out the balcony. What can I say……

I guess a nap might prove just as fruitful!

More to come if I have time….