Another Burger at In and Out

Anyone who has been following our blog has seen our posts on road-food.  (check the road food tab for some laughs…) Both Rabbit and I try to be as healthy as possible whilst traveling, and both of us have definitely given up fast food… but there is definitely one weakness we both have, and that is for a burger at In and Out.

4x4 - One burger... Four patties!

No matter what the job, if we find ourselves in AZ, CA, NV, or UT, we follow the same rules.  Land – In and Out – T Shirts for crew and clients alike.

True to form, this past west coast trip was no exception.  We both got a little fatter, and both have new digs….

By the way… If your a fan, you can get your own T-shirt here: Company Store

And if you want to be a pig like Rabbit and eat four patties on one bun (The 4×4) check it here: Secret Menu