Last week after we wrapped up the first week with Corning, I split town to try to take (in my mind) some well deserved vacation.  My dad and I took the motorbikes and headed out to the Oshkosh Airshow to veg on airplanes for a week.

I guess after the intense week at Corning and then rolling west from Boston, all the blog responsibility was driven from my mind.  It’s hard sometimes to keep up with the blog, but I’ve realized that I never ended up finishing the story on the Corning Job

I can’t really talk about what we were shooting as the images have not been vetted yet by the client, so here’s the fun stuff…

I met Chris in Kentucky where we shot (in the blistering heat) in a manufacturing pant for two days.  The days were challenging due to tons of technical limitations in the plant, but we made some really great images.

In KY, we went to a restaurant that was owned by some country singer.  I was assured that the guy was famous, but none of us had ever heard of him… The only good thing about the experience was the steaks.  Pretty damn good.  Six of us went to dinner, and six steaks went into our respective bellies.  The only casualty was Chris.  We lost a good man that day…

Chris - B.S. (befor steak)

Chris - A.S. (after steak)

From KY, we flew to Elmira to the Corning HQ where we spent two days shooting in the studio.

To do this, we brought an entire studio set-up including a full size light table on location.  For us, Corning has been a fantastic client.  This is primarily because the images we are tasked with shooting run the full gamut from portraiture, to manufacturing, to lab, to microscopy, to product, to light table.  We get to do it all.

location studio set (image from last year)

We finished up just around 5pm on Friday, loaded the truck, and headed east.  After a classic wrong turn (wasting an hour of precious drive time) we finally made it home past midnight.

To see some past images we have made for Corning whilst on location, click here:

click to view past Corning location images

All in all, it was a great week.