This has been a logistically complicated weekend, but it seems to be working out just fine. Today is the first day of a 12 day location shoot for our long time client, Corning Inc.

There was a lot of planning involved, but basically in a nutshell, long time assistant CB Kearney headed out of the studio yesterday morning and drove the work truck with the studio gear out to Elmira NY. He spent the night there, and then jumped on a flight from Elmira, through Detroit, to Lexington KY.

I left from Down East ME on the motorbike to Logan where I am sitting now waiting to catch a flight to Lexington.

Although US Air is my least favorite airline, they fly out of Terminal B here in Logan, which means I get to start another adventure bar side at Legal Seafood at the end of the Terminal.

Cesear and chowda is a long time tradition on the cusp of a road trip, and Im pumped to be carrying on the tradition.  It’s just a bummer that CB is in Kentucky ahead of me and not here enjoying a crisp IPA and a bowl of Legal’s famous chowder.

Wish us luck!