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We’ve been on the road much of Feb shooting photography, but finally had some time to get back in the editing room and finish another film in our Investigator Profiles for MIT RLE.

This one is probably one of my favorites so far.  This Investigator deals with mostly theory, so the big challenge for us was how to illustrate thought.   To do this, we used a bunch of time lapse and motion graphic work.  It was a lot of fun to work with the scientists on the shot where their mathematical computations appear in thin air and then float into the ether.

We also continued our tradition of creating a custom music track for the film.  I hope you enjoy!


Just finished the latest Investigator Profile for MIT RLE.  This film was cut for MIT RLE using interview and “B” roll footage left over from the Carl Zeiss Research Award film we did for a PR firm in Germany in conjunction with the The Carl Zeiss Company.


This is the latest film in our series covering Principle Investigators at the Research Lab of Electronics at MIT.  The film covers Jongyoon Han and explores his research. This is one of my favorites thus far…

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I recently realized that the videos do not embed in RSS feeds.  To view this video, click here:

Here is another Investigator Profile film produced for MIT’s RLE

Thought you’d like to check out the latest Investigator Profile or “IP” film we have finished for the Research Lab of Electronics at MIT.

The principle investigator is Seth Lloyd.  This project was especially cool to work on because Seth was such a riveting interview.

To view more MIT or other video content we have produced, check out our YouTube channel.

Rabbit sets up for the interview

Rabbit sets up for the interview

Started on another film on our RLE Investigator Profile series last Friday.

The workflow process for these films are as follows:  Two camera video interview on either black or white seamless.  B-roll of the subject teaching, in their lab, as well as their students.  Possibly some more B-roll around campus, then into the editing room.


These films roughly take 110-150hrs of post production before they are finished, which takes roughly 8-12 days to finish.  I’ll post it when we finish.

To see some other RLE films, you can find them on YouTube.


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