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Over the past eight months or so, we have had several requests to expand our photo/video business and make a move into the web design biz.  Like a lot of our endeavors… how could we say no?!?

In a nutshell, I have moved into a Chief Creative roll, shooting the photos/video, art directing, and managing the jobs over all.  I’m an OK designer, but in order to raise the bar, we brought in our friend Gary Hedrick to run the design department, and our friend Eric Benoit to run the programming end.  So far, the sites we have done have been simple yet really cool.  They are not terribly complicated, but are all totally customizable by the client, and have integrated blogs using WordPress.


Hacienda Brisas Del Mar

Not only have we been doing the web design, but we have been doing all the branding and associated print in conjunction.  Overall, it is very exciting for us.

The best part of having designers working in house, is we can us a “photography first” method of design.  This is a principal that was ingrained in me by Mike Weymouth of Weymouth Design, and is a mainstay of their business model.

Typically, a design firm is hired, comps are created using stock photos, and then a photographer is hired to fill the holes.  Conversely, we shoot photos and video first, then let the designer go to town with the clients own images.  The net net is a much better design, and a smoother design process.

Perigrine Tactical

Perigrine Tactical

To date, we have completed, or are in various stages of completion on seven sites, all of which feature my photography, and have an integrated blog.  Im not quite sure where this new dimension will lead us, but it certainly has been very rewarding creatively.

In order to be competitive, we are trying to keep the process reasonable for the client, so if you are looking for a web solution, shoot me an eMail and we can have a conversation about our process.

Locke DMD

Locke DMD

CB Kearney Fine Woodworking

CB Kearney Fine Woodworking


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