Years ago, when I first got into this game, lots of the photographers I used to assist for were in the stock photo biz.  I remember one in particular who used to talk about $100k years in stock sales alone.  It was a really good gig, and those who knew how to play it certainly benefited.

Alas, like everything, times changed.  The onslaught of the internet and the digital revolution quickly torpedoed how stock was handled.  An image that used to sell for $10,000, soon was selling for $100.  The cheapening of the image is something that all older photographers lament, and have come to grips with the understanding that the “good old days” are gone forever.

That said, I am starting to see a respect and proper valuation of the image slowly returning to the landscape.  It will still take a couple of years to fully resolve, but the market is beginning to come to grips with the fact that regardless of how images are captured, (digital or not) there still needs to be good photographer behind the camera.

Even though I have been shooting for twenty years, it is still a secret thrill to see my images in print.  I thought I’d share one of my favorite images that was purchased by Boat U.S. for one of their campaigns.