Just got sent this link from one of our viewers… Say it ain’t so!  Bummer news for Sony.

This really just pisses me off.  Almost three years ago, I few out to CA for a visit at RED.   We were all set and ready to buy a body, but wanted to just ask some questions in person and get the real skinny on things like their post production workflow.  The story’s now old hat and water under the bridge, but the long and the short of it was that I felt they weren’t very pleasant to us and pretty much wasted our time out there treating us like small potatoes.

After that wasted airline ticket, I vowed not to shoot RED and was tickled pink when Sony came out with the F3.  We bought one right away, and have felt the same way when Sony announced the F5.

In my opinion, RED made the choice to forgo consumers like us.  Sony saw the need, and worked hard to fill the space.  Shame on RED for crying to the courts.  For us, the Sony platform has been so easy.  We consider them a partner in our film work and are oh so glad we never bought a RED.