Ironic to be posting after such a long hiatus.  One of the last blog post I did was the day before I gave a lecture at Rule Boston on the importance of blogging…  I had a good stretch at 1 post every four days for almost 4 years.  Guess we all need a break.

Lots has been going on in between the cracks and silence.  Some E.U. travel, lots of West Coast trips, and some new faces in the Studio.

We got slammed with the blizzard with a 6′ drift against the studio door.  I wish I could have shot a photo from inside looking at the snow pack, but alas the door opens to the outside…

Just before the blizzard hit, we got into the city to start on the latest film project.  For this one, we are excited to be working again with Eric Norman of Hopewell.  These interviews were relatively easy from a technical standpoint as they were shot with available light.  I really do love shooting with that Sony F3.  Such a fun camera, gonna miss it when our new Sony F5 arrives.