I shot some quick photos yesterday.  It wasn’t really a big job, just some quick shots that a client needed.  Resolution wasn’t an issue, so I grabbed whatever camera was close as I ran out of the studio which was the D800.  ISO, white balance, and then I set the cam on high-rez jpg and I blasted away.

This AM I am loading them in Photoshop so I can eMail them out when I realized the computer was taking an exceptionally long time.  Strange I thought.  This computer is very new and its a rocket ship.  Maxed out RAM, 12 core, blah blah blah.

Finally I looked down at the image pane and saw the size of the jpg.  103.4M.  WTF?  I have been shooting with this cam for almost 9 months now (always NEFs) and had no idea.

I guess we are in a new era….  Good on you Nikon!