Holding Nikon's new D4, Barajas Airport, Madrid

On our way back tonight from Spain and I wanted to get this quick post out before we flew back.

Although there was a small component of strobe work, this job was primarily shot with ambient light.  The big worry was with all the inside shooting, was I going to have enough light?

As luck would have it, we were able to take delivery of our new Nikon D4’s and the D800 just prior to leaving.  Although the Nikon D3s would have performed OK, the D4 was just beyond amazing.

After some testing, I was able to confidently shoot 46+ meg jpgs at 4928×3280 pixels at 4000 ISO.   The camera was solid, the color was great, I used only one battery per Nikon D4 body over three and a half days of shooting, and above all, the lack of noise was mind boggling.

And for what it’s worth… the above image was shot with the D800 at 6400 ISO.

Thanks Nikon for changing the game (again!)