One of the things I love about Nikon is their NPS program.  If you are not a member, you really should look into joining.

There are two big aspects of the membership that we take advantage.  First, is their replacement program.  We are pretty harsh on the gear, and usually have one or two pieces out for service.  When this happens, the NPS has program in which they FedEx us any item we need for use while our gear is off-line.  (very handy indeed!)

The second thing we take advantage of is Nikon’s Priority Purchase Program.  In a nutshell, every time Nikon releases a new bit of kit, the members get first dibs on getting the units.  This month, we got an eMail letting us know the new flagship camera, the Nikon D4 was out and immeadiatly put our order in for two.

Hopefully next month, we will be getting a call from Newtonville Camera (our go-to camera shop) in order to pick up the new toys.

If you haven’t joined, take a look at the NPS program.  It is well worth the free membership!