Once and a while I get surprised in this daily grind and find myself totally stumped.

After day upon day of getting pushed, kicked, disrespected, turned upside down, wallet forcibly removed and evacuated of all contents, I was truly not ready when I saw the quote from Hertz tonight.

I have to fly to Denver on Thursday for a meeting.  It’s going to be a surgical strike… Leaving on the 7am Jetblue outbound, and taking the red-eye home that night.


If you’ve ever been to DEN, you know that they put it about fifteen pig-fu#ks away from Denver.  Really a pain to get there if your an independent guy like myself.  Oh well I thought… Just rent a car and I will be fine.

Off to Hertz I went and plugged in the data…

Who woulda thunk….  $14 to rent an almost brand new car for the day.  Surprised….

Thanks Hertz for taking care of your Gold Members.