If you have been following our work over the past couple of years, you have seen that we have been up to our asses in elbows trying to keep on track with all the video interviews we have been doing lately.

The dirty little secret of the video interview is that it can pretty much be shot anywhere.  In fact, in a pinch, we have even shot one with the subject sitting in a closet, and the camera in the hall…

Closets aside, the most important factor of all is the audio.  Get stuck with a loud HVAC, an unruly shipping department in the next room, or door slamming looky-loos and you can find yourself up a creek without a boat.

Yesterday, we shot interviews for a bio-tech company here in Boston.  We had gotten the word before arrival that we were scheduled to shoot in the cafeteria.   Ok… sounded good in the eMail, but when we got there and checked out the scene, we quickly realized that on the other side of the wall were the kitchen’s freezers (and compressors.)

Because the compressors were cycling on and off, the room was a no-go for audio.  We quickly punted, and found an office we could strip down and set up our gear.

One of the things you will notice in the photo is that we use the actual color seamless we want (in this case white) as a background and  NOT “green screen.”  Sorry folks… but in my opinion, green screen is LAZY.  Although more difficult to light, and the need for twice as much equipment, having an understanding of lighting and taking the time to properly illuminate the background will net you a much better looking piece of film.

For this shoot, we used 4 tota lights to evenly wash the white seamless in the back, and used a tungsten balanced Diva Lite just above the subject for a beautiful key.