Full on madness around here this weekend as we make the move to ID every single thing in the studio.  It’s inventory time, and EVERYTHING must get logged…

It’s a serious question for any artist.  Just what the hell do you own?  So many of us don’t really pay attention because the reality of doing an inventory is just to daunting.  But what if there was a loss?  Fire? Theft?  Just how in hell could you ever recover all the little bits and pieces…?

Daunting or not, we have been putting it off for just too long and are finally ready to tackle the challenge.  We went ahead and picked up a Brother ProXL label machine (that prints barcodes) along with a barecode gun and have kicked it into high gear.  Everything is getting a label and I mean EVERYTHING.  Every camera, every lens, every CF card, every computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, drive, stand, strobe, weight, toolbox, drill, battery, telephone, cable, printer, shop desk, chair, and on and on and on…


Once a barcode is generated, it is scanned and logged including make, model, serial number, service date, and value.  With this data, we can hopefully keep better track of what is here, and what is not, as well as gauge a total value of all the hard and softwoare we are sitting on.

If you have not done this, I urge you to at least spend a second and think just what you would do if you suffered a loss…  If not the small stuff, at least get a list going of the large stuff.  The big brush strokes and at the very least, get it on your homeowners or renters policy.

Wish us luck!