The road is a constant theme in our biz… Like a wanna-be band of way-word Kerouacs, we hop this way and that across the planet in search of who knows what.

Intrigue, inspiration, high adventure… After all this time, it’s probably a little bit of everything. The only real certainty is that we are back out on the road, and that the road is good.

I should keep my mouth shut not to tempt fate, but today is the best kind of travel day.

First, Starbucks bestowed a small gift by opening a half hour earlier, which means we to grab a proper cup of Joe.


Second, we are traveling super light, which means no checked bags.

Third, we snagged the second exit row (which means both extra leg room and a reclining seat.)

And fourth, we are on a non-stop flight.


At this point, we’ll sit back, relax, an enjoy the flight…

Off to Denver today for a surgical strike. Meetings at 2, work tomorrow, and the. The red-eye home.