©2011 Greg Hren Photography


I think it’s being said all across the nation today, but I just can’t believe it has been ten years.

For me, the day started in Boston in the Leather District.  I was in town for a meeting at Weymouth Design.  When I got into the design studio, the first plane had just hit the tower.  We stood glued to the television watching the second plane hit, buildings burn, and then collapse.

It was at that moment I realized that as a photographer, I had to be there.


©2011 Greg Hren Photography


I grabbed my gear, got into my truck, and headed to NYC.  I knew that this day was going to forever change the course of US politics, and right wrong or indifferent, if I was going to be able to understand the next decade, I had to see for myself just what was going to turn the world upside down.

Ten short years have passed.  I still don’t know if I understand completely, but I feel grateful that I was able to see, if only from one small perspective the horrible events of that September day.

My thoughts are with all those who were touched by this day, and God speed to those still on their journey walking away from that pile.