Back out on the road…  Rabbit and I are heading down to NYC for a one day film shoot tomorrow and it’s gonna be a super-slog.

We are shooting 15 interviews tomorrow at a prestigious law firm and the client is determined to get as much shot as is humanly possible.

The hours are long, but thankfully, the logistics are easy.  We are taking the Acela (which just opened back up after the hurricane thank God) and get in around 8pm.

If you haven’t had the experience of riding the Acela up or down the Bos-Wash corridor, it is pretty damn cool.  Actually, it’s more than cool, it’s the absolute BEST way to travel to NY or DC.  Every aspect of this experience is beyond pleasant.

Amtrak’s Southbound Acela

We left the studio and had a paltry 15 min drive to the station.  We parked courtesy of Easypass, and sauntered effortlessly on with TONS of gear with no bag fees and no security lines.

Once in our seats, we grabbed a cold cocktail, opened our laptops, and slid onto the web via Amtrak’s free wireless.  Best part of it all… we will be in Penn Station in 3hrs.  A quick 2 mile taxi ride to our hotel, and we will be in like Flynn.  Oh… and I was able to post this from the train…  Amazing!

Tomorrow’s day will start at 4:30am for a quick breakfast, then a short cab ride over to load into the building at 6.  1.5hrs of set-up, half an hour break, and then we hit the ground running for a full court press till 6pm, then a rapid extrication to Penn to try to make a 730pm train home.  If we miss this train, we hang till 2am and get our asses handed to us on the overnight mail train.

The net net is tomorrow will be roughly a 22hr day.  It’s a kick in the pants, but I dont think either of us would want it any other way.

Nothing like location work!