Here is our latest IP film.  If your reading this in an RSS feed, click here to watch the film.

These films are now becoming ubiquitous on our filmography blog and commercial portfolio.

The RLE “Investigator Profile”  or “IP Series,” has been an amazing long term project now.  I will have to go back and count, but we are in the 24-27 number of films now.

The challenge has always been to keep them fresh and new, while still keeping to the mandate set forth almost four years ago.

Since that first IP film, technology has moved light years.  Our first films were shot on first gen Cannon XL1’s and cut on FCP 1 with the most basic of production value.

These days, we are working hard to innovate using the newest in state of the art HD cameras, exploring motion graphics, and pushing the boundaries of institutional films with high end cinema tools like cranes, dollies, and helicopter work.

I have written about it before, but working on these films provides some of the most interesting and rewarding work we do.   There is nothing like sitting down with an amazing individual and spending an hour chipping away at just what makes them tick.

This latest IP film features Greg Wornell.  This film was a bit of a challenge at the onset because the work Greg does is mostly theoretical, and the big challenge with theory, is how to illustrate it.

To meet this challenge, we shot a lot of collaborative footage to try to show how Greg’s group had great cohesion.  We also experimented with shooting lots of screenshots of group members coding, then manipulating it to create cool transitions.

I think this is one of our better films, and is worth watching.  If you have the six min, give it a click.  I’d like to know your thoughts.

Thanks for your time.