Spraying the Bunker 5 sign on the loading dock wall


We are feeling very fortunate over here with the speed at which the cars are flying down the track.  We have been raging on overdrive for many months now, and there is no signs of slowing.  Thanks to all those involved (you know who you are) for helping us keep it all on the rails.

For us, the end of June marked a huge milestone… We opened the new studio Bunker 5 officially for biz with a large catalogue shoot for Work N’ Gear, Sears, and K Mart.  We had all the same faces from past WNG jobs with us, the girls from TEAM, some new models, some old favorites, Scott the Intern, and Emma, our illustrious caterer.  Very cool indeed.

Geniveve the Rock Star Model

On this day, we were shooting fall health care for Scrubology.  The craziest part of the day was the fact that we shot 98 articles of clothing in ten hours.  (If your not familiar with catalogue shooting, this is considered a lot…) We were cranking.  Insane!!!

Trying to keep track just under 100 items to shoot!

The new space worked out perfectly and we couldn’t be more pleased.  At 18′ x 25′ with one corner, the cyc wall was more than adequate.  We ended up shooting right into the corner which gave a nice gradient to the background.  (It was really a mute point though in the end as the designers were just going to strip the models out of the background… but the images looked awesome)

Some photographers like to try to make lighting seem complicated.  The fact is, it is pretty damn simple to make things look good.  A lot of the times the difference between good and great is just the damn equipment.  For this shoot, we used the Elinchrome Octabank.  It is pricey, but really worth it.  (turns good into great)

For fill on the dark side, we used a 4×8 V-flat gatorboard bounce.  (whats nice about making these is they are white/black.  If you dont want fill, you just flip it around and use the black to deepen the shadows)

To key the background, we just blasted four heads up at the ceiling.   Very simple, yet elegant.

Morning briefing from Art Director Anthony Modano from WNG

As they always do… the day started for my crew at 06:00 with putting the finishing touches on the prep work.  Cleaning, organizing, spraying the Bunker 5 logo on the back wall and floor, etc…

The rest of the crew starting trickling in at 8.  Cloths were steamed, models were sent to make-up and hair, and we built the set.  By 930, we were in it and starting to crank.

Anyone who shot pre-digital can really appreciate where we are these days, and just how easy it is to push as hard as we did.  No Polaroids needed… Just pull the image up on the monitor, get it approved, and move on.  We really are in an amazing golden age.

By 4:30, we were in the home stretch and miraculously finishing up the last few items.

When all was said and done, and the clock struck 05:00, I will have to say that the single best benefit to shooting in our own studio was the fact that we did not have to then (after a crazy day) slam into overdrive to load out before we started to pay overtime for the rental.

We could all slump down into a cozy couch and crack a well deserved beer.

Thanks to my crew as well as Anthony Modano and his crew for a kick ass successful day!  We look forward to the next one…