Interviewing top level executives

Just finished up a really good two days of video interviews over here in Korea.  Aside from some minor cultural differences, the two days followed our standard system.

We brought two Diva lights (from KinoFlo) over here with us, and although much bigger to pack than the Lowell Tota’s, the Diva’s are much much better.

The Diva’s give us three main advantages over the Tota’s.  First, there is a rheostat on each light.  This allows us to dial up, or down the intensity of each light.  Impossible with the Tota.  For each interview, we had a key 45 degrees from the subject, and another in the back (dialed down) giving some depth.

Rabbit formats cards on the F3 and FS100

Second, the light is set up from the factory to accept 120-230v AC so there is no need to worry about forgetting to switch bulbs and find yourself boned in a foreign land.

Third (and the most cool) is the color temp.  Our client had asked to incorporate some windows if possible, so we pre-packed the lights with daylight balanced bulbs.  This made matching color temp a breeze.

BTW… if you look closely at the photo above, you will see that the Diva is on a strange stand.  If you read the other posts here from Korea, you would have read about our stand bag being lost.  This was a big bummer because we didn’t have the big light stands that we were planning on using.  That said, we were still able to do the job. This is because one of the biggest key to success as a location photographer/filmmaker is redundancy.

In each Diva case, we pack a small emergency stand which, although less than ideal, will get us by in a pinch.  The stand is made by Manfrotto and is called the “Backlight Stand w/ Extension pole.”  Very good thing to have if you find yourself up shit’s creek withouth a boat!

If you are interested in seeing a test we did to show the difference between the Diva and Tota, you can watch the vid below.