Rabbit takes advantage of 1510's best secret... Wheels

I really have no idea how far we have walked over the past couple of days, but if I had to guess, it has to be over 25 miles.  It’s really the only way we explore, shoot, and come back with really interesting stuff… Walk, walk, and walk.

To shoot in this way, it is very important that a photographer/filmmaker can be mobile, and having the right gear makes this possible.

Once again, the Pelican 1510 case has come thru as one of the best pieces of equipment we own.  It’s weather proof construction has kept the kit dry during unexpected downpours, given us a leg up when we needed to climb up on something, and most importantly, it’s wheels to keep us rolling (or to be fair, keep Rabbit rolling.)

We have a couple of 1510 cases in the studio.  One case (our tan case) is pretty much dedicated to the still rig for photo jobs, but the rest sort of keep in a fluid state and are re-purposed over and over again for specific jobs.

Complete FS100 kit fits inside with room to spare

For Korea, since we are shooting only video, we are using one of the cases to house a complete Sony NEX FS100 kit.  This includes the body, Sony to Nikon MTF adapter, all batteries, wireless audio, ND grads (for shooting sky time lapse,) cards a full 7 lens Duclos prime set, a D3s (for blog posts) associated cables, caps, and connectors, and a whole bunch of sundry bull shit.  Really works perfectly and solves a lot of problems.

We’re also trying out a new Porta-Brace… but I’ll save that for another time.  For now, thanks Pelican!