EliteRAID from Sans Digital

A couple of weekends ago I posted a blurb on the Sans Digital EliteRAID.

I had high hopes that it was going to be a seamless, easy, and trouble free solution to our single node back-ups.

I hate to say it… but I was wrong.  We did a bunch of testing, and really worked hard to make the thing fit into our workflow, but the simple fact of the matter is it is a total pain in the ass.

To be fair, the tech support at SansDigital is very awesome.  (For this, I am not going to rant and rave about how frustrated and how much time I spend on the thing.)  We were able to get a hold of the same tech guy each time we called and he bent over backwards to help us try to work out the bugs.  The data speeds were reasonable (for iSCSI,) but in the end, it didn’t work, and is just another piece of electronic garbage collecting dust in the studio.  Too bad…

Fortunately, Newegg has amazing customer service, and it is now on its way back to their warehouse.

We have a few more ideas for the studio, so stay tuned…  I think (hope) I have finally figured it all out…