The flight from Chicago to Seoul was uneventful.  Not too long, and not too short.  (I was able to catch the full first season of The Wire on the iPad)

It wasn’t until we cleared customs that we realized that one of our bags (the large body bag) was missing.  “Didn’t make the flight” said the airline rep…  “Perhaps tomorrow.”

Fortunately, the only thing we will need tomorrow is our tripods, (and our cloths.)  So not to worry… After our 1.5 hour slammin ride thru some of the worst traffic I have seen in a while, young Rabbit and I checked into our hotel, then quickly headed out again to begin an elaborate quest for tripods.  This had happened to me a couple of years ago in Puerto Rico, so it’s not that new an experience, but really a pain in the ass.

After about an hour of searching, we stumbled upon some sort of Walmart-esque super store where we were able to procure two ultra high end (tongue and cheek) tripods and heads which cost us some odd 75,000 won.  Not the prettiest, but they will do the job.