We’re back at it. I think it’s easy to be smiling now because we are on the front side of a 21hr flight. Boston to Chicago, then over the Pole. We’ll have to see if we are still smiling when we land in Seoul.

This trip is all about cinema, and we’re really pumped. We have four days on the ground in Korea to get our work done, and it should be a real marathon. A day and a half of interviews, then as much “B” roll of Seoul as we can fit into the waking hours.

We are traveling relatively light with minimal gear. That said, we still have a bunch of gear including the Sony F3-Super 35, our brand new Sony FS100, Anton Bauer batteries, two Euro voltage Diva lights, full Nikkor prime set from Duclos, associated camera support (two Sachtler tripods, rails, arri matte boxes, follow focus, etc…) as well as lap tops, hard drives, iPhones, iPads, and all their associated chargers… Ugh!

Should be a intense, but rewarding. Wish us luck!