Day three is done, and we are almost there…

The plasterers spend the day in the studio and did there thing.

I am a pretty stubborn guy, and love (really insist a lot of the time) at doing most of my own work.  I love to do everything.  Framing, windows, sheathing, electrical, plumbing… whatever.  If it involves building, I love to have a hand in it.  The fact is that (in my mind) anything that has to do with building is fair game to me.  I have (a stupid) desire to do it all.

But… The one thing that I learned a long time ago that is worth having a pro do is plaster work.  It is truly an amazing art that takes a special skill.  A good plasterer can work so fast, so efficiently, and do such an amazing job, that it’s not worth ones time to try to do.  Two guys, in one day, did what would have taken me three days.  (and my job would have been just ok.)

At any rate… The job is done, and it looks perfect.  Next step will be to do a light sand, hit the transition from the floor to the start of the swoop with thinset mortor, prime the wall, paint the wall,  and then a last coat of floor paint.

God willing and the creek don’t rise, we will be shooting on the wall next week!